Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5 to End

What is about In Act 3 Scene 5 about the nightangale? Romeo says he hears a lark, which is a bird that sings in the morning and he says he should go because he sees clouds in the sky but Juliet says that it was a nightingale, which is a bird that sings during the night, Romeo agrees to stay but then Juliet says it was in fact a lark and tells Romeo to leave
What does Juliet say Romeo looks like as he is climbing down the ladder? She says he looks like a corpse and Romeo says she looks like a corpse also
What are the two reasons Lady Capulet think why Juliet is still crying? She thinks she is crying for Tybalt’s death and the second reason is that she is crying because Romeo is still alive
What does Lady Capulet says about grief? That is you cry a little, it is fine because it shows that you care but if you cry a lot, it takes away from your honor and courage and indicates that you are stupid
What are the two ways Juliet is being ironic with Lady Capulet? She says a double meaning with the dashes on dead in which in one she says that she’ll never be satisfied until she meets Romeo and the second is that she wants to kill him or lesson the poison
What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? She should marry Paris because he is better looking and that she can spend more time with Paris because with Romeo it would have to be in secret
What does Juliet say in response to the Nurse’s advice to her face? That she confronted her, she feels good and will go to the Friar
Why does the Friar suggest a potion? Juliet was going to kill herself anyway and is desparate
How long did the Friar say the potion was going to last? 42 hours and he also says it won’t work if Juliet chickens out
What does Juliet mean when she says, “I have learned me to”? She apologizes for being a bad daugter
What’s the joke the Nurse makes in Scene 5? She should sleep because she will be having sex with Paris the next night
What’s the metaphor that Capulet uses? Juliet is like a flower and death is like frost to the flower, when Paris shows up he says death is my son in law and Juliet is death’s wife
What does Juliet say she would rather do than marry Paris? Jump off a tower, “walk in thievish ways”, stay in a charnel house, snakes, bear-baiting, or to go in a new-made grave
What are Juliet’s fears? That if it’s a poison, she will wake up a suffocate, wakes up and sees her ancestors bones and she will take one and beat herself to death, sees ghosts
What’s the Friar’s argument on why they shouldn’t be grieving? That all they could do was to advance her in society, that they should be happy because she is in heaven
What does, “nature’s tears are nature’s merriment”? The tears should signal happiness
What does, “My bossism lord” mean? My boss sums lord is the heart and it is light and is good
Why does Romeo go to that specific Apothecary? He is poor and has tattered clothes and figures he will sell him the poison, Romeo says his life is so bad that it wouldnt mater if he died
Why does Romeo go to Juliet’s grave To get the ring back and see her face
What is Paris’s impression as to why Romeo is there? To vandalize the grave
Why does Romeo say that he won’t kill Paris? He said that he loved him more than himself, he doesn’t want another sin on his head
What was the favor that Paris asked? To be buried next to Juliet
What does Romeo notice in Juliet? That her checks are red and she doesn’t look dead
What does Romeo mean when he says, “why thou aren’t fair”? He says that death is keeping her that way for him
What is the metaphor Romeo uses? His body is the bark, pilot is his mind, rocks is death
Why did Friar say, “A greater force than we can contradict”? God had some play in it
What does Friar say to Juliet when she wakes up? He informs her of what happened and wants to put her in a convent
What doe Juliet mean when she says, “happy dagger”? She says that her body is where the dagger is going to rest
Why does Friar say, “to peach and to purge”? He says that he’s going to accuse himself and say what he did wrong and to excuse himself
What does the Friar mean when he says, “If anything in this miscarried by my fault” He’ll take the blame and says the Prince should kill him
Why does the Prince says that he’s not going to kill the Friar He says that he’s been a good Friar and blames the heads of the household
Why does the Prince blame himself? he got their attention when they frighted the second time and he could have ended it

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