Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 5

When the scene opens who is more realistic? Juliet
How is Juliet being more realistic? because Romeo says he is going kill himself
How does Juliet describe the sound of the lark’s song? it pierces the hallows of her ears
How can the window let light in but life out? in: the sun is let in; out: it takes happiness because that is the only place Romeo and Juliet can be together (juliet’s room)
What horrible vision does Juliet have? Romeo dying
Lady Capulet thinks Juliet is not well because of what? Tybalt’s death
What is the real reason is not well? She can’t be with Romeo
How is Lady Capulet going to have Romeo killed? by having a man sent to poison kill
What news does lady Capulet break to Juliet? that Juliet is going to marry Paris
Juliet’s immediate reaction about the wedding is what? a feeling of haste and shock
What 5 things does Capulet call Juliet? 1. mistress 2. sickness carrion 3. baggage 4.tallow face 5.disobediant wench
What will happen to Juliet if she doesn’t marry Paris? she should leave
What is lady Capulet’s reaction when Juliet looks to her for comfort? she doesn’t advise her
What does the nurse suggest? that she marry Paris
Juliet is going to do what? talk to Friar Lawrence
If friar Lawrence has no advise Juliet is going to do what? kill herself