Romeo and Juliet Act 3: Scene 3

Who gives Romeo the news of what the Prince’s sentence will be to Romeo? Friar Laurence
Why is Romeo so upset with the Prince’s judgment? He would rather be dead than to live without Juliet in banishment.
Romeo is obviously upset with his actions. When he is seeking advice from the Friar, what does Romeo try to do? Kill himself.
What argument does Friar use in attempting to convince Romeo that his dispair is not justified? That Romeo should be happy because Juliet and their love is alive. If Tybalt were alive, Romeo would be dead, and the Prince granted banishment rather than the death sentence.
What is Friar Laurence’s plan to help Romeo and Juliet? Romeo needs to go live in Mantua until Friar can announce Romeo and Juliet’s marriage, which will end the feud between the families and can ask the Prince to pardon Romeo so he can return home.
What is the Nurse’s job which was given by the Friar? To go quickly back and get Juliet to go to bed early as well as everyone else in the Capulet home.