Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 2,3,4

Looking forward to her wedding, wedding night What is Juliet excited about, according to her soliloquy?
Juliet, personifcation “When Juliet says, “Come, civil night. Thou sober-suited matron all in black, what figure of speech is she using?
Simile, she is like an impatient child wanted to attend festival “O, I have bought the mansion of a love but have not yet possessed it”
Dramatic Juliet’s entire speech is a good example of this type of irony.
Juliet thinks Romeo’s dead What confusion is there on page 133 when the Nurse brings Juliet the news of Tybalt’s death?
Playing with the words “I”, eye, ay What serious pun is taking place on pg.133?
The Nurse is crying and will not give Juliet an answer Why is there so much confusion about what happened?
Tybalt and Romeo to death What additional misunderstanding does Juliet believe when the Nurse screams, “Tybalt, Tybalt”?
She uses oxymoron What does Juliet say when she finds out that Romeo killed Tybalt?
“Shame come to Romeo” What does the Nurse say about Romeo that upsets Juliet?
She scolds the Nurse. Her husband Rome while the Nurse cursing him How does Juliet defend Romeo? What causes tension befiveen the Nurse and Juliet?
Romeo would have been killed by Tybalt, should be grateful killed Tybalt How does Juliet take comfort in Tybalt’s death?
Banished What word really bother Juliet?
Friar Lawrence cell Where is Romeo hiding?
To ring give to Romeo. The ring is to reassure Romeo, Juliet still cares for him What does Juliet ask the Nurse to give to Romeo?
Romeo is wedded to bad luck “Thou art wedded to calamity”, what is he saying?
Not happy with his punishment, he would rather die than suffer banishment What is Romeo’s reaction to the Prince’s decree?
Be thankful, he was banished and not sentenced to death How does Friar Lawrence chastise Romeo for his “unthankfulness”?
Devastated to hear the news that he is banished Summarize Romeo’s speech on pg. 143.
On the floor while crying and tearing his hair out How does Romeo ‘throw a fit’ in Friar Lawrence’s cell?
“Be a man”, Juliet is alive, Tybalt is dead, Romeo is alive, Romeo is only banished and not sentenced to death When Romeo pulls out his dagger,and threatens to kill himself, how does the Friar try to cheer Romeo up?
To comfort Juliet, but make sure to leave for Mantua before watch is set Where does the Friar Lawrence say Romeo should go?
To hide Mantua and he will fix everything Where does Friar tell Romeo to go?
He says, “These times of woe afford no time to woo” How is Paris able to get around “wooing” Juliet?
Capulet expects obedience from his daughter. “I think she will be ruled in all respects by me” What does Capulet think Juliet’s response will be to his request?
Dramatic irony Act 3 Scene 4 is an example of ______________________ because we know more than the character
What day is the wedding scheduled for? Want is Paris reaction such a hasty marriage?