Romeo and Juliet (Act 3, scene 2)

Which characters are in Act 3, scene 2? The Nurse and Juliet.
Where does the Act 3, scene 2 take place? At the Capulet house.
What does the Nurse scream and tell Juliet when she enters the scene? She is crying and tells that there was a fight and Tybalt died at the hands of Romeo.
What did Juliet think happened to Romeo? When the Nurse came in she was ranting screaming that Juliet thought she said Romeo had died too.
When Juliet realizes that it was Romeo who killed Tybalt, what does she say? she curses nature that it should put “the spirit of a fiend” in Romeo’s “sweet flesh.”
What does Juliet compare Romeo’s banishment to? Juliet claims that Romeo’s banishment is worse than ten thousand slain Tybalts.
What does Juliet cry about? Because Romeo is banished, she will be a widow who never had a wedding night.
What does the Nurse tell Juliet? That she knows where he is hiding.
What does Juliet give to the Nurse to give to Romeo? a ring (as a sign of their love).

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