Romeo and Juliet act 3 quotes

Mercutio Lines (37-38) Pg. 633″And but one word with one of us? Couple it withsomething; make it a word and blow.”Mercutio taunts Tybalt; he tries to engage him in a fight.
Mercutio Line (71) Pg. 633″O calm, dishonorable, vile submission!”Mercutio is upset that Romeo won’t accept Tybalt’s challenge. Mercutio decides to fight Tybalt himself, whifch leads to Mercutio’s death.
Mercutio Lines (88-89) Pg. 635″A plague a’ both houses! I am sped. Is he gone and hath nothing.”
Mercutio Lines (94-95) Pg. 635″Ask for me tomorrow, andyou shall find me a grave man.”Pun. “Grave” can mean “serious” or “dead”. Mercutio will be dead soon. He jokes even when facing death.
Romeo Lines (115-116) Pg. 636″This day’s black fate on moe days doth depend;This but begins the woe others must end.”The future will be affected by today’s events. Foreshadowing.
Romeo Line (132) Pg. 636″O, I am fortune’s fool!”Romeo says he is a victim of fate.
Lady Capulet Line (145) Pg. 637″For blood of ours shed blood of Montague.”Lady Capulet wants revenge for Tybalt’s death. She believes Romeo should be put to death.
Lady Capulet Line (177) Pg. 637″Romeo slew Tybalt; Romeo must not live.”Lady Capulet wants justice for Tybalt’s death. She reminds the Prince what Romeo’s punishment should be.
Prince Lines (182-183) Pg. 638″And for that offenseImmediately we do exile him hence.”The Prince banishes Romeo from Verona. He shows mercy because Romeo avenged Mercutio’s death, and Mercutio was a relative of the Prince.
Juliet Lines (112-113) Pg. 642″Tybalt is dead, and Romeo – banished.That “banished,” that one word “banished.”Juliet says that banishment is worse than death.
Friar Lawrence Lines (109-110) Pg. 646″Art thou a man? Thy form cries out thou art;Thy tears are womanish, thy wild acts denoteThe unreasonable fury of a beast.”Man up! Friar scolds Romeo and tells him this expression of grief and anger are inappropriate.
Juliet Lines (1-3) scene 5 Pg. 649″Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day.It was the nightingale, and not the lark,That pierc’d the fearful hollow of thine ear.”Juliet is reluctant to admit that it is almost morning. She does not want Romeo to leave.
Juliet Lines (54-57) Pg. 652″O God, I have an ill-divining soul! Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low,As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.Either my eyesight fails, or thou lookest pale.”Foreshadowing. As Romeo descends the ladder from her balcony, Juliet thinks he looks as if he is dead in the bottom of a tomb.
Capulet Line (160) Pg. 654″Hang thee, young baggage! Disobedient wretch!”Lord Capulet is angry with Juliet for refusing to marry Paris. He tells her to marry him on Thursday, or he will disown her.