Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Quiz

At the beginning of Act 3, why does Tybalt seek out Romeo to fight? Because Romeo crashed the Capulet ball.
Why does Mercutio decide to fight Tybalt? He is ashamed that Romeo will not defend his own honor and so defends it for him
Why does Romeo finally kill Tybalt? He avenges the death of Mercutio
What penalty does Prince Escalus decree for Romeo after Tybalt’s death? He will be banished from Verona. If he returns, he will pay with his life.
Who tells Juliet of Tybalt’s death? The Nurse.
Where does Romeo go to hide after he kills Tybalt? Friar Lawrence’s cell.
What sensible advice does the Friar give when Romeo threatens to kill himself? Be patient, be thankful that his punishment is only banishment and not execution.
What do Friar Lawrence and the Nurse do to help Romeo before he goes to Mantua? To meet and spend the night with his bride
What does Capulet say he will do if Juliet does not marry Parris? He will disown her and throw her out into the streets
What advice does the nurse give Juliet? What reasons does she give? To forget Romeo and marry Paris who is better anyway.
To whom does Juliet go for help? Friar Lawrence
What is Juliet referring to when she says, “O serpent heart hid with a flowering face… Beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical! A damned saint, an honorable villain!” Romeo is beautiful on the outside but evil on the inside (when she finds out Romeo killed her cousin, Tybalt)

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