Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Notes

It is hot and this is bad because the heat sparks up people’s temper. What is the weather like in the beginning of Act 3 and why does Benvolio say it is a bad thing?
Tybalt is mad at Romeo because he crashed the Capulet party. Who instigates the fight with Romeo and what has Romeo done wrong to the Capulets to make Tybalt angry?
He is now married to a Capuet (Juliet) and they are technically related now since he married Juliet, but Tybalt does not know this. Why does Romeo not want to fight Tybalt?
Mercutio ends up getting in a fight with Tybalt Who instigates the fight with Tybalt?
Romeo tried to pull Mercutio away with his arm but Tybalt comes underneath and stabs Mercutio. How does Mercutio end up getting stabbed?
Because Tybalt killed Romeo’s friend, Mercutio. Why does Romeo fight Tybalt?
Romeo kills Tybalt during their fight. What happens to Tybalt?
He needs to run away because he killed Tybalt and the king said the next person who starts a fight on the streets will be killed. Why does Romeo have to run away after his fight with Tybalt?
He changes his story to make the Capulets look bad. As Benvolio is telling the prince what happened, what happens to his story?
She wants Romeo dead. What does Lady Capulet want to happen to Romeo?
He has to leave and if he ever comes back, he will be killed. What is Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt?
Romeo Who does Juliet immediately think is dead?
Juliet defends Romeo because he is her husband and if Romeo had not killed Tybalt, then Tybalt would’ve killed Romeo What happens when the Nurse curses Romeo for Tybalt’s death?
She cries for Romeo because he is banished and she knows she will never see him again. Who does Juliet cry for and why?
She says his banishment is as bad as death of her and her entire family. What does Juliet relate Romeo’s banishment to?
He says that Romeo could’ve been killed instead and the prince is going very easy on him. He accuses Romeo of acting like a girl, crying and weeping. Why does Friar Lawrence become angry at Romeo? What does he accuse Romeo of acting like?
He tells Romeo to go see Juliet and comfort her about his banishment, but to be out of Verona by dawn. And when the time is right, Friar i going to announce the marriage of Romeo and Juliet and hopefully that will end the feud. And once the feud is ended, the hope is that the Prince will forgive Romeo and let him come back to Verona. What is Friar Lawrence’s plan for Romeo?
Mantua Where is Romeo banished to?
Juliet gave a ring to the nurse to give to Romeo. What has Juliet sent to Romeo?
Capulet thinks that Juliet is upset about Tybalt when she is really upset about Romeo so he decides to let Paris marry Juliet. What does Capulet decide?
On Thursday. Right now it is Monday. When does Capulet set the wedding of Paris and Juliet?
They hear a bird chirping and they are arguing about what type of bird it is. Juliet thinks it is a nightingale Romeo thinks its a lark. Juliet says it is a nightingale and chirps at night so Romeo has more time with her. Romeo thinks it is a lark and it chirps at dawn, which is when Romeo has to leave Verona. What are Juliet and Romeo arguing about at the beginning of Act 3, Scene 5?
She visions him dead in the bottom of a tomb. How does Juliet imagine Romeo as he leaves?
She wants to kill Romeo by sending someone to Mantua to give Romeo a dose of poison. How would Lady Capulet like to avenge Romeo’s death?
Because we know that Juliet loves Romeo. Juliet knows that she loves Romeo. But Juliet’s mom(Lady Capulet) does not know that she loves Romeo. How is Juliet’s speech about hating Romeo dramatic irony?
She told her mother that she would rather marry Romeo than Paris. Who does Juliet tell her mom that she would rather marry than Paris?
If Juliet refuses to marry Paris, he will kick her out of the house and act like he doesn’t even know Juliet. What does Capulet vow will happen if Juliet does not marry Paris?
the Nurse Who tries to stick up for Juliet?
She tells Juliet that Romeo is gone and she will never see him again. She says she should just forget about Romeo and marry Paris. How does the nurse ‘abandon’ Juliet?
She is going to see Friar Lawrence for help. If her plan doesn’t work she will kill herself. Where does Juliet tell the nurse she is going? What is her solution is nothing else works?

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