Romeo and Juliet act 3 definitions

Addle Scrambled, crazy
Appertaining Appropriate
Pilcher Scabbard for sword
Gallant Brave and noble
Fray Noisy fight
Spleen Angry nature
Amerce Punish
Martial Military
Exile Banish
Eloquence Speech that is vivid, forceful, graceful and persuasive
Wereday Interjection: alas
Cockatrice Serpents that in fables could kill win a glance
Bier Platform on which corpse is displayed before burial
Dissembler Hypocrites or liars
Wot Know
Wench Low, common girl
Chide Rebuke
Sojourn Remain
Affray Frighten
Discourse Conversatione
Fickle Changeable
Asunder Apart
Runagate Renegade runaway
Wreak Avenge, express anger, inflict punishment
Bark Boat
Wrought Arranged
Fettle Prepare
Hurdle Sled on which prisoners were taken to their execution
Baggage Naughty girl
Puling Whining

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