Romeo and Juliet, Act 3 Critical Thinking and Analysis Questions

Why does Benvolio want to get off the street? Use a line from text to support your response. Benvolio fear that he will get in a fight with the Capulet men.
How do we know Mercutio’s speech on p. 131 is a monologue and not a soliloquy? Its a monologue because Mercutio is addressing his speech to both Montague’s and Capulet’s after being stabbed by Tybalt. In soliloquy the speaker isn’t addressing anyone.
The confrontation between Mercutio, Romeo and Tybalt is made worse because all 3 characters are acting on incomplete knowledge. What do they all not know about each other? Romeo doesn’t know that Tybalt wants to kill him and Mercutio doesn’t know that Tybalt want to kill Romeo.
Why does Mercutio say, “A plague o both your houses!/They had made worms meat of me”? How is this statement an example of dramatic irony? Mercutio say this when he’s dying and it means both families are at fault and has died for nothing. Its dramatic irony since the audience knew that Mercutio would get killed when interfering with Tybalt and romeo but Mercutio didn’t he would get killed.
Paraphrase Romeo’s words to Tybalt after Tybalt flees and returns to the scene of the crime. What is the result of their exchange of words? Romeo wants revenge against Tybalt for killing his friend Mercutio. Both started fighting, Romeo kills Tybalt then runs away.
Why would Prince Escalus have a personal interest in the fight that has just taken place? What does the Prince say is going to be Romeo’s fate? Because Tybalt is Lady Capulet’s nephew and Prince Escalus is her cousin + related to Tybalt. Romeo is exited from Verona for the death of the Prince’s cousin. If Romeo stay he would be killed.
Scene 2: Is Juliet’s speech at the beginning of the scene a monologue or soliloquy? Explain how you know. Juliet’s speech is soliloquy since she alone and no one else is around.
How does she describe Romeo in this speech? Provide an example from the text to support your answer. Juliet describes Romeo as a day that comes during the night. ” Come , night, Come Romeo thou day in night”.
Why does Juliet first criticize Romeo for killing Tybalt and then change her mind? Juliet can’t believe such a beautiful person like Romeo would be so evil on the inside to kill Tybalt. Juliet wants to be faithful to her husband and believed Tybalt wants Romeo dead.
Scene 3: How does Romeo feel about his banishment? WRite down at least 2 different words he uses to describe it. Romeo feels that banishment is worse than death. Banished is banished form the whole world. Banished death ministered.
On pgs. 165 and 167, Friar Lawrence scolds Romeo for his behavior and provides 3 reasons as to why Romeo should be more appreciative. What are they? The Friar tells Romeo that he lucky to be alive. Prince E. could have punished with death instead of banishment. After everything calms down, Prince E. could have change his mind.
Friar Lawrence has a plan to help both Romeo and Juliet, what is it? In your opinion, is that a good plan? Go to Juliet bedroom, confronting her then escape to Manta before night watchmen are on duty.
How is Romeo’s behavior in this scene similar to what we have seen from him before? He is more dramatic and he has little bit more anger.
Scene 4: How has Lord Capulet’s views regarding Juliet’s marriage changed in this scene? What causes his mind to change? Lord Capulet mind was change because he knew that Romeo was still a bad thief just like the Montague and which that shows that Lord Capulet’s was protecting her. His mind change because Romeo killed Tybalt.
How is this discussion of Juliet’s marriage to Paris dramatic irony? Because Juliet still has romeo and she doesn’t want to marry romeo because she wants her love one back.
Scene 5: What news does Lady Capulet bring to Juliet in the morning? Why might this news be very upsetting for her? Lady Capulet told Juliet that your husband Romeo killed Tybalt and that Romeo would be banished from Verona.
Summarize what happens between Juliet and her father in this scene? The father is mad that Juliet marry a mad man. But Juliet is still think that romeo did from defending himself even know he had rage for protection for Juliet.
Do you view Lord Capulet’s personality differently now than you did at the beginning of the play? Why or why not? Yes because early in story he didn’t what happen but now he does because he killed Tybalt.
In addition, how has the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet changed? The Nurse is making Juliet feel that she will never have true lover like Romeo again.