Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Annotations

How does Mercutio give Benvolio a hard time in III.i. 16-25? making fun of Benvolio for getting mad at him
What is Benvolio trying to do in III.i. 43-46? How is that similar to what Romeo is doing in 80-81? Benvolio tells capulet and Tybalt to leave. Romeo tells them to stop fighting. Similar because both ordering to do something.
What does Tybalt mean by III.i. 59-60? Tybalt is proposing that he and Romeo should fight
Why does Meecutio fight with Tybalt? Why doesnt Romeo want to fight him? Mercutio and Tybalt fight about Romeo. Romeo wont because he loves him and thinks he is right.
Who is Mercutio talking to in III.i. 93-94? What does he mean in 98-99? He is talking to Romeo he is curing their family
What do you think Romeo means in 100-101? Mercutio was hurt while defending Romeo from Tybalt
What does Romeo in mean III.i. 117-120? How about 127? What theme is here? He will kill tybalt in 127 he is saying he has bad luck
Identify the lightening simile given by Benevolio in III.i.? Explain how he is using it. Comparing the lightening to how fast people are dying
What are the important pieces of information in Benevolios explanation of events? The explanation is about the fight between tybalt and mercutio
What does the Prince mean when he says “My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a bleeding”? The prince will punish them so badly
How is situational irony present when Mercutio is killed? Romeo gets in the middle of them and no one thinks that Mercutio will die but Tybalt goes through Romeo to kill Mercutio
What does Lady Capulet think should happen to Romeo? romeo should die
What does the Princes decision regarding Romeo’s fate? Romeo will be banished
When Juliet speaks from III.ii. 1-34, what is that called ? soliloqy
Why cant the nurse get to the point? What is the effect on Juliet? she is very sad and the way it sounds to juliet is romeo died
Identify any paradoxes from Juliet in III.ii.? lines 75-79
Whats happening in III.ii. 90? Juliet is cutting off the nurse for talking bad about Romeo
What is the internal conflict with Juliet? What is her conclusion? How does the hyperbole illustrate her feelings? Juliet can not decide whos side she is on. She doesnt want Romeo dead
Where is Romeo at the end of III.ii.? Whats the plan that Juliet and the nurse devise? Friar lawrences cell and to tell juliet to go to his cell
How is Friar Lawrence chiding Romeo in III.iii.? it is unmanley to kill himself
What are three reasons Friar Lawrence gives Romeo to cheer him up in III.iii.? 1. banished not killed 2. Juliet is alive 3. Tybalt would have killed him
What is Romeo prepared to do in III.iii.? Describe mental and emotional state. kill himself he is very sad and mad about being banished
Where does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo to go? Mantilla
What is Capulets plan for the wedding in III.iv.? Why does he want to delay until Thursday? Capulet wants to marry her off as soon as possible. Delayed because it is to close to Tybalts death
How have Capulets feeling about Juliet getting married changed? he is very happy about it
What two birds are romeo and Juliet discussing? nightingale and eagle
In III.iv. when Romeo and Juliet say good-bye what is the foreshadowing? foreshadowing the death and they wont see eachother if they are dead
Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying? about Tybalts death
Whats the line of foreshadowing from Lady Capulet? death of Romeo
What changes occur in Capulet in III.v. ? encourages Juliet to marry Paris and doesnt have much of a say now
What does the Nurse think of Paris compared to Romeo? Paris is great and nice and Romeo is banished Nurse thinks Juliet should marry Paris
What does Juliet decide to do in III.v. 241-242? take the potion to make it look like she died
Lines 85-86, 93-94, 98-102, 121-122 Juliet speaks in all of these