Romeo and Juliet Act 3 and 4 vocabulary

gallant Definition: heroicPart of Speech: adjsynonym: braveantonym: chicken
fray Definition: showing affect of wornPart of Speech: verbsynonym: unraveledantonym: new
martial Definition: associated with war and the armed forcesPart of Speech: adjsynonym: militaryantonym: peaceful
exile Definition: of or appropriate to war; warlikePart of Speech: nounsynonym: banishmentantonym: entering
eloquence Definition: fluent or persuasive speaking or writingPart of Speech: nounsynonym: fluencyantonym: lackadasical
fickle Definition: changing frequently, especially as regards one’s loyalties, interests, or affectionPart of Speech: adjsynonym: changeableantonym: constant
pensive Definition: involving, or reflecting deep or serious thoughtPart of Speech: adjsynonym: thoughtfulantonym: arrogant
enjoined Definition: instruct or urgePart of Speech: verbsynonym: encourageantonym: alienate
wayward Definition: difficult to controlPart of Speech: adjsynonym: willfulantonym: obedient
dismal Definition: / drearyPart of Speech: adjsynonym: dingyantonym: inviting
loathsome Definition: causing hatred or disgustPart of Speech: adjsynonym: hatefulantonym: peaceful
pilgrimage Definition: a pilgrim’s journeyPart of Speech: nounsynonym: missionantonym: home

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