Romeo and Juliet Act 3 and 4

In which act and scene do Romeo and Juliet marry? (trick question) They do not have a scene we just have to infer that they got married because they do not give any details about the actual ceremony
Why does the tragedy start becoming inevitable in act three? because this is when everything starts to go wrong and once there is one death during a tragedy it is basically a ripple affect and there will be many more to follow
How is Mercutio’s death in character? He blames his death on the fight between the Montagues and Capulets
Why does Lady Capulet not believe that Benvolio is telling the truth when he explains the deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio? Because it would had taken 20 men to kill Tybalt because he was a very good swordsman and it was a teenager that eventually killed him
Why does the friar have to tell romeo of his sentence? Romeo does not know about the banishment until the friar tells him because no one knows where he is because he has to run from the scene and hide or he would had been killed
Why is romeo banished and not killed? Tybalt’s punishment would had been death and romeo served him justice but he wasn’t supposed to
Explain romeo and juliet’s debate about the nightingale and the lark. The nightingale’s song is associated with the night and the lark’s song is with dawn and they are talking about whether it is night or day because that will determine when romeo must leave Juliet’s room
Why does Juliet eventually encourage romeo to leave her room? She tells him that is he stays then he will be killed
Explain the incident foreshadowing as romeo leaves juliet’s apartment Juliet tells romeo that she saw him as a dead person in a grave as he is leaving
Ironically, just as romeo is leaving, what news is lady capulet coming to deliver to juliet? That she will marry count Paris on thursday
What does Lord capulet threaten to do if juliet does not marry paris? Kick her out of the house and disown her
What new picture do we gain of Paris as he is leaving the friar’s cell? He is clueless and does not know anything that is happening
Compare Juliet’s suicide threat to the Friar to Romeo’s earlier threat. Whom do you take more seriously? Romeo because I feel as if Juliet is too afraid of death to kill herself and that she knows the how plan when romeo does not know about the plan
Name two fears juliet names before the drinks the potion that is won’t work and that the potion will kill her
whom does juliet think she sees right before she drinks the potion? Tybalt’s ghost
who is the first to find Juliet the next morning? the nurse
Describe Juliet’s parent’s reaction to her death. How is it ironic? They freak out and are all sad because they said she was their only child and they loved her so much. This is ironic because they were ready to disown her 2 days ago because she did not want to marry paris
What advise does the Friar give Juliet’s parents about her death? That maybe God was mad at them because of the fight between the Montague and capulets