Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Act the begging of Act III Mercutio and benvolio are discussing the “mad blood stirring.” What are they accusing each other of? Each of them starting a quarrel.
Who is Tybalt looking for? Why? Romeo. He is challenging him to a duel.
How is Mercutio stabbed? Romeo is trying to hold Mercutio back and Tybalt stabs from under Romeo’s arm. bad luck?
How does Mercutio react to his wound? He jokes around and calls it just a scratch.
Why don’t Mercutio’s friends take him seriously? Jokes around
Romeo makes two statements Foreshadowing. What are they? This day’s black fate on more days doth depend.
What significant thing happens? Romeo kills Tybalt.
What is the purpose of benvolio’s lengthy speech? Summarizes the fight
What is the Prince’s decision on the deaths? What affected his decision? Romeo will be banished from Verona. Mercutio was related to the Prince so his decision was softened.
How does Juliet first react to the Nurse’s speech? She gets mad at Romeo for killing Tybalt.
How and why does her reaction change? She realizes that her faith is with Romeo and not with her family.
What does Romeo say the worst punishment for him would be——death or punishment? Why? banishment because there is no world without Verona.
Why does Romeo say that flies have a better state than he does? Cause they can touch Juliet. Romeo<Flies
Friar Lawrence’s advice to Romeo (Plan A) A)Go to Juliet(Honey Moon) b)Leave before dawn C)Go to Manatua D)Wait there till we can find a time to celebrate their Marriage. E)Return with much joy
Hyperbole on line 153 Extreme Exaggeration 2 million
What is planned for Thursday? Juliet’s marriage to Paris.
Why has Lord Capulet changed his mind from Act 1, Scene 2? He thinks Juliet will be cheered up by getting married.
Why is the debate over whether the bird is a lark or a nightingale? Nightingale=Night=Safe Lark=Day=Dead
What is ironic about that “light” metaphor now? The dark is safe. The light is death.
As Romeo climbs down the ladder Juliet thinks he looks different. How does she describe him? Juliet says he looks dead and pale.
What does Lady Capulet want to do about Romeo? Poison Him
Give two examples of Juliet’s “double talk” I shall never be satisfied with Romeo until i behold him–dead To hear him named and cannot come to him.
What makes Juliet, her father, and her mother all upset at once? The fact that Juliet doesn’t want to get married to Paris.
What is the Nurse’s advice to Juliet? Marry Paris
How does Juliet react to the Nurse’s advice? She decides to stop trusting the nurse.
What does Juliet feel is the only way out if all else fails? Kill herself.