Romeo and Juliet Act 3

Scene i Benvolio talks to Mercutio about going inside because it is hot outside and Capulets are about. Mercutio claims Benvolio is quick tempered. Then, Tybalt comes in and ask to speak to one of them. Mercutio prokes Tybalt. Romeo comes in and tries to settle the situation by telling Tybalt he loves him. Mercutio got mad at Romeo for saying that. Mercutio wants to fight Tybalt. Romeo tries to stop it, and Tybalt gets Mercutio while he is distracted. Mercutio blames both of the families for his death. He does not blame himself. Tybalt runs. Romeo gets mad. Tybalt comes back. Romeo kills Tybalt. Romeo runs away and is banished.
Scene ii Juliet finds out Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished. She is mad at Romeo, but when the nurse insults him, Juliet get angry. She then wants to meet Romeo and have sex. The nurse will inform Romeo that he is forgiven by giving him Juliet’s ring.
Scene iii Romeo tries to kill himself because he finds out he is banished. He acts immature. Then the nurse comes to tell him Juliet has forgiven him. Friar then tells him to man up, and Romeo is consoled. We find out that in the morning, Romeo will go to Mantua. Friar will then try to fix everything in Verona.
Scene iv Paris and Lord Capulet are talking about Juliet. Lord Capulet says that Juliet will be married to Paris by Thursday. He doesn’t want it sooner because it would look bad when Tybalt died earlier that week.
Scene v Romeo and Juliet have to depart after their night of “fun”. Juliet is told she must marry Paris. She says no. Her mother and Father insult her. They want to disown her. The nurse says that it was too much, but she agreed with them. She thinks he is better than Romeo. Juliet’s only ally
Time Frame Beginning of Play starts Sunday morning and end of Act 3 ends Tuesday morning

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