Romeo and Juliet act 3

at the beginning of scene one what does Benvolio warn Mercutio about he tells him not to fight
tybalt insults Romeo and challenges him to a what dual
what is Romeo’s response to the dual and why Romeo turns the other cheek because tybalt is his new wife’s cousin
what does Mercutio then do fights tybalt
what does Romeo try to do to mercutio and Tybalt and what is the result tries to separate them and then tybalt stabs Mercutio
what curse does mercutio repeatedly pronounce on the Montague’s and the Capulet’s and why plague because they caused his death
when Benvolio returns what news does he give to Romeo and what does Romeo do The prince is on his way so Romeo runs
when the prince is told what has occurred what punishment does he issue to Romeo Romeo is banished from Verona
what two things is Juliet anxiously awaiting at the beginning of scene one nightfall and romeo
what news does nurse bring to Juliet and who does Juliet think she is referring to Tybalt’s dead but Juliet thinks the nurse is talking about Romeo
what does Juliet threaten to do kill herself
how does nurse comfort Juliet she promises to find him so that they can say goodbye
what News does friar Lawrence deliver to Romeo Tybalt is dead-he has killed him
when Romeo hears of Juliets own pain and grief what does he try to do and who stops him stab himself; friar
in friar Lawrence’s long speech what advice does he give to Romeo Romeo should have one last night with Juliet
what does friar Laurence say he will do get Romeo pardoned
what does nurse tell Romeo to do and what is the friars warning The nurse tells Romeo to be with his wife but the Friar says he could be killed if he is caught
why does Lord Capulet tell Paris that it is an inappropriate time for him to woo Juliet she is grieving
despite this what promise does Lord Capulet make to Paris and what is the chosen day he promises his daughters hand in marriage and the day is this Thursday
what does Romeo promise to Juliet they will be together again
what does Juliet fear she will never see Romeo again
why does lady Capulet think Juliet is upset Tybalt’s death
what does lady Capulet say will happen to Romeo he will be banished from the town
how does lord Capulet react to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris he says it if she will not marry Paris she will be out on the streets he – has disowned her and told her that he hates her
does Juliet’s mother comfort her in this scene, why or why not no because she supports her husband’s decisions
what is nurses advice to Juliet Juliet should marry Paris
does Juliet say she will do but why is she really going she says she will go to confession but she’s really going to seek Friars help

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