Romeo and Juliet- act 3

who dies in act 3? how does each die? -Tybalt and Mercutio die-Tybalt dies by being stabbed by Romeo, Mercutio dies by being stabbed by Tybalt
why does Romeo blame himself for Mercutio’s death? because he got in-between Tybalt and Mercutio, and Mercutio kind of blames Romeo for his death by asking why he got in-between him and Tybalt
when the nurse first mentions a death. why is Juliet confused? because the nurse doesn’t mention a name, she just says “he died”
when the friar delivers the news that Romeo is to be banished instead of killed, how does Romeo react? he throws a tantrum and tries to kill himself
what is the friars plan for Romeo Go to Juliet and leave before the guards get there, go to Mantua, and wait there while the friar works things out with the prince.
what do the lark and nightingale have to do with Romeo and Juliet -lark = morning-nightingale = night-Romeo has to leave by the time the lark starts to make noises
what are Juliet’s parents planning for her for her to marry Paris
how does Juliet react to her mothers news she says no and that she would rather marry Romeo who in which she “hates”
how does Lord Capulet react to Juliet’s rejection to Paris he says that he will disown her
what advice does the nurse give Juliet Forget Romeo since he is probably out of her life anyway, and marry Paris.
how does Juliet react to the nurse, and how does that reaction differ from her real thoughts she says to the nurse that she agrees with her, but she is really hating the nurse because of what she says and doesn’t want to marry Paris
define consort to hang out with or to harmonize with
define pun a play on words
define exile and banishment to be kicked out of the country

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