Romeo and Juliet act 3-5

At the beginning of act 3, who says the following lines and what do they foreshadow? Benvolio, that he is going to die
What does mercuito tell benvolio in lines 15-27? and explain what is going on You are just like everyone else (fight easily), Mercuito is actually describing himself
Explain the lines 104-110. Starts with “This gentleman, the Prince’s near ally…” Romeo is related to the prince and he was standing up to Tbalt. Romeo feels guilty and thinks that Juliet is making him less brave and soft.
Explain the princes judgement and his ruling. The prince banished Romeo out of the town because he was feeling merciful.
In her speech in the beginning of scene 2, what is Juliet looking forward to that night? Loosing her virinity
Give examples of the agony of expectation Juliet is feeling I have bought the mansion of love, but not possed it. An impatient child that hath new robes, and may not wear them
Write three oxymoron’s Juliet uses to describe Romeo Beautiful tyrant, a dove feathered raven, fiend angelical
What is Juliet’s response when the nurse says” Shame come to Romeo!” She defends him
Where is Romeo hiding? Friar Lawrence cell
What is Friar Lawrences opinion of Romeos punishment? He should be lucky
Why does Romeo say he is less honored than a carrion-flies? They still get to see Juliet
What three reasons does Friar give Romeo to be happy? He is alive, Juliet is alive, and he had a merciful punishment
What gift does the nurse give Romeo from Juliet? A ring
Explain how Lord Capulet described Tybalts death to Paris He brushed it off because he did not like Tybalt
What decision does Capulet make, thinking it will make Juliet happy? Giving Paris his blessing to marry her
How does Paris respond to this news? He is happy and cant wait till thursday
Why does Juliet want to believe that the songbird she can hear is a nightingale and not a lark? Because if it was a lark, that would mean it was morning and Romeo had to leave.
What does Juliet mean by “ill-diving soul”? Her soul predicts evil things
Why do Juliet’s parents believe she is upset? death of Tybalt
What is their plan to cheer her up? Marry her off to Paris
Why does Capulet change his mind about listening to his daughters opinion of her future spouse? He is embarrassed and lost his pride
How does the nurse describe Paris? He is a gentleman
What reason does Paris give to not spending time courting Juliet? She is grieving about Tybalts death
What three things does Juliet find preferable to marrying Paris? Jump off a tower, Chained to wild bears, and put in a field full of poisonous snakes
Describe the Friars plan He gives Juliet a poison to die for 42 hours, then she will wake up and run away with Romeo
How do you know you are hiring a good cook? They lick their fingers
Juliet was supposed to marry Paris on Thursday but what does Capulet do? Moved it to Wednesday
Who will stay up all night to prepare for the wedding? Lord Capulet
In case the potion doesn’t work what does Juliet take to bed with her? A knife
Describe three things Juliet is worried will go wrong It will kill her, It might not work, she will go insane
What time in the morning is it? 3 ‘o clock in the morning
Why dose Paris arrive to the wedding early? He is excited and nervous
What does “go trim her up” mean? Go get her dressed
Who is the first to find Juliet’s “dead” body? The nurse
How can they tell she is dead? Cold, Blood stopped, and joints are stiff
What does the Friar advise they do with her body? Get her dressed and take her to church
Why does Shakespeare end scene 5 with a exchange between peter and the musicians? to lighten the mood
Describe the dream Romeo had Juliet came and found him dead
Who brings the news from Verona?What is the news? Balthasar, that Juliet is dead
Three things Romeo noticed about the apothecary shop Tortoise shell, Stuffed alligator, skins of fish
Why is it hard to get poison in Verona? It is illegal
Why does Romeo think the apothecary will give him some? She is very poor and hungry and he has money
Romeo The son and heir of Monteque and Lady monteque. he is 16
Juliet daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet. She is 13
Friar Lawrence A Franciscan Friar, friend to both Romeo and Juliet.
Mercutio A kinsman to the Prince and Romeos close friend
Tybalt A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin on her moms side.
Paris A kinsman of the Prince, suitor of Juliet
Benvolio Montague’s nephew & Romeos friend
Prince Escalus The Prince of verona
Friar John server of Friar Lawrence,
Balthasar Romeos dedicated servent
Sampson and Gregory An apothecary in Mantua
Peter A Capulet servant who cant read or sing
Rosaline Romeos love before Juliet