Romeo and Juliet Act 3

why does benvolio want to retire from the streets of verona? it’s hot, the capulets are out, and people will get agitated quickly in the hot weather
how do benvolio’s opening lines characterize him? he doesnt want to fight like mercutio and tybalt always do; he just wants the people to stay calm and be peaceful
how does mercutio (mis)interpret tybalt’s lines 44 and 55? 44: tybalt says that mercutio “consortest” with romeo; he means that mercutio hangs out/associates with romeo but m thinks he’s talking about playing music with him; 55: benvolio says for t and m to talk privately bc theyre in public and everyone can see them but m responds with saying men’s eyes were made to look so he wont budge
what does tybalt call romeo in line 60 and how does this reflect his feelings for romeo? “a villain;” he sees romeo as his enemy and truly despises him
what is romeo’s initial response to tybalt’s insults? why does romeo act this way? romeo says that he isn’t a villain and wants to walk away, and he has never injured tybalt, also he has a reason to love tybalt (he’s now technically his cousin in law), and capulet is a name he loves as his own
why would mercutio want to fight tybalt? in act 2 scene 4, a letter arrives for romeo from tybalt presumably an invitation to fight and mercutio mentions that he hates men like tybalt
mercutio’s behavior after the fight with tybalt? he begins cursing both the houses (he’s technically a neutral character), says the wound is only a scratch and also gets mad at romeo for intervening during the fight bc tybalt stabbed mercutio under romeo’s arm
is romeo partially responsible for mercutio’s death? mercutio does blame romeo for coming between them, plus mercutio only fought tybalt because romeo didnt want to but also it was his fault for fighting in the first place
why does romeo feel that he must fight tybalt? he feels guilty that mercutio is dead just because he was trying to protect romeo from tybalt, and then when he sees tybalt still alive and well but knows mercutio is dead, he gets angry and has had enough with being kind (“and fire eyed fury be my conduct now”), telling tybalt that one of them will join mercutio in heaven
what does romeo call himself when tybalt dies? “fortune’s fool” (III.I.142) (i have awful luck)
what is romeo’s punishment? romeo is exiled from the city and if he is found he will die
why doesnt the prince punish romeo with death? 1. romeo wont pay the price for mercutio’s life bc his crime did “justice” by taking tybalt’s life2. mercutio was the prince’s friend3. by, like, the transitive property or something romeo avenged mercutio’s death so the prince is like “k”
what does the prince say about killing romeo? “Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.” aka if pardoning murderers will only cause more murders
why does juliet want the night to come? romeo can visit her during the night bc it’s dark
before the nurse tells juliet that it is tybalt that is slain, who did juliet think is dead? romeo bc she gives no context as to who the “he” she is referring to is
how do juliet’s words in lines 73-79 reflect her conflicting feelings? 73-74: thinks both tybalt and romeo are dead, “dearest cousin, and my dearer lord”?79: lots of oxymorons after knowing romeo killed tybalt, “a damned saint, an honorable villain,” turned out to be the opposite of what he seemed
what does juliet say about shame and romeo in lines 88-93? the nurse says “shame come to romeo!” but juliet responds by saying that he was not born to shame and only deserves honor, and she was wrong to be angry at him (even tho he literally killed her cousin)
how is juliet being doubly punished for tybalt’s death? her cousin is dead + romeo is banished
how does the friar feel about romeo being banished (instead of being put to death)? he thinks that romeo is lucky and should stop whining/complaining about his banishment; believes that prince’s judgement is merciful and kind but romeo just cannot see it for himself
why is romeo initially afraid to be banished? he won’t be able to see juliet anymore
why does romeo feel that the friar could not possibly understand how he feels? “dude if u were young, in love, just married, just killed her cousin, just got banished, lovesick, then you’d understand but youre old lmao”
choose a passage in this scene that SHOWS romeo once again lamenting his name. paraphrase it and cite the line numbers. omg kari used shows”As if that name,Shot from the deadly level of a gun,Did murder her, as that name’s cursed handMurdered her kinsman. O, tell me, Friar, tell me,In what vile part of this anatomyDoth my name lodge? Tell me, that I may sackThe hateful mansion. (draws his dagger)”
what is the friar’s plan? go climb up to juliet and talk to her like you planned to spend your marriage night, comfort her, but leave before the guards come, escape to mantua until your marriage can be public and there is peace between the two families, we can ask the prince to pardon you, then we’ll welcome you back with twenty hundred thousand more times the joy
what makes the lord capulet change his mind about his daughter marrying paris? things are turning out badly (tybalt’s death) and life is short, thinks juliet is sad and will do whatever he says
what is ironic about capulet claiming that wednesday being too soon for the wedding, so he sets it for thursday? he originally wanted to wait 2 summers, now he’s willing to have it in 3 days, also DRAMATIC irony, the readers know that by then the romeo and juliet will die
why won’t many guests be invited to the wedding?
what is lady capulet’s attitude about juliet’s marriage to paris?
how does lady capulet’s attitude seem different from her husband’s attitude about juliet marrying paris?
how do romeo and juliet use the nightingale and lark as symbols? lark: sings in the morningnightingale: sings at night