Romeo and Juliet act 3

He’s related to him through Juliet Why doesn’t Romeo want to fight tybalt all when he is first challenged
Mercutio Who fights tybalt
He’s protecting Romeo Why does mercutio fight tybalt
Romeo got in between him and tybalt Why does mercutio blame Romeo for his mortal wound
Romeo Who kills tybalt
Tybalt killed his best friend mercutio , revenge Why does Romeo kill tybalt
Benvolio Who explained the details of the sword fights to the prince
Lady capulet Which member of the caplet family insists that Romeo be sentenced to death
There related Why is the prince particularly upset by the death of mercutio
He is showing mercy towards Romeo Why does prince escalus banish Romeo from Verona instead of sentencing him to death
Tybalt been killed and Romeo is banished What news does the nurse bring to Juliet
The nurse didn’t make it clear what had happened Why at first does Juliet think that Romeo is dead
She isn’t mad because Romeo is her husband and tybalt would have killed Romeo if Romeo didn’t kill tybalt , she’s torn How does Juliet feel about Romeo when she first heard that he is responsible for tybalts death
Romeo being banished Why does Juliet say is even worse than the death of tybalt
The nurse will seek for Romeo to comfort Juliet What does the nurse offer to do at the end of the scene to comfort Juliet
A ring What object does Juliet give to the nurse to take to Romeo as a sign of her love and forgiveness
Friar Lawrence Who tells Romeo that he has been banished from Verona
Stab himself What does Romeo threaten to do when he hears how upset Juliet is over tybalts death
He’s alive , he’s not put to death , Juliet isn’t dead According to friar Lawrence , there are three reasons why Romeo should be happy list them
Mantua To which city does friar Lawrence advise Romeo to go after he spends his wedding night with Juliet
Tybalt was just killed , and he wants to show respect Why does lord capulet tell Paris that he and Juliet must have a small wedding
He thinks it will make Juliet happy instead of crying over the death of her cousin tybalt Explain why lord capulet decides to promise Julie’s hand in marriage to Paris
Because she wants Romeo to stay longer Why does Juliet say that the nightingale is singing and not the lark at the beginning of the scene
Disown her What does lord capulet threaten to do if Juliet refuses to marry Paris
Nurse Who bravely defends Juliet against her fathers anger
Tells her to marry Paris What advise does the nurse give to Juliet at the end of the scene after her fathers anger with her
Confessions What excuse does Juliet use to go speak to friar Lawrence
William Shakespeare Considered the greatest dramatist he world has known
He created so many. Characters Why was William Shakespeare so popular
Stratford England near London Where was William Shakespeare born
John Shakespeare mayor of Stratford Who was William Shakespeare father
Anne Hathaway Who did William Shakespeare marry
18 How old was William Shakespeare when he got married
A stockholder in lord chamberlains men What did William Shakespeare belong to
37 How many plays did William Shakespeare write
Romeo and Juliet , Anthony and cleopatra , the comedy of errors hamlet List three play examples of William Shakespeare
Elizabeth age What was the first bid era of drama
The globe An open air theater where Shakespeare plays were performed
London Where was the globe theatre built
Yes Was the globe theatre burnt down and rebuilt yes or no ?