Romeo and Juliet Act 3

______ What is Juliet’s state of mind at the end of act three? She is hitting rock bottom emotionally.
______ What excuse does Juliet use to leave her house? Juliet says she has to go to confession.
How does the mood of the play change during act three? From the loving, romantic, ecstatic love of Act 1 and 2 is now furious, frenzied despair
______ Why does Mercutio decide to fight in Romeo’s place at Tybalt’s challenge? Mercutio thought Romeo was acting unmanly and not defending the Montague name.
______ How does Juliet’s relationship with the Nurse change during this act? Juliet will no longer confide in the Nurse. She is on her own.
______ What solution does the Nurse offer to Juliet’s predicament? Marry Paris and forget Romeo.
______ What does Capulet demand of Juliet? She has to marry Paris.
______ In scene three, what plan for the future does the friar propose to Romeo? Go to Mantua and wait until everything has calmed down. When the Prince is no longer angry, he can come back and celebrate his marriage with the families.
______ How do you interpret Romeo’s description of himself as “fortune’s fool”? He has sealed his fate.
______ How does Romeo accidentally help cause Mercutio’s death? He steps between Mercutio and Tybalt.
______ How does Romeo respond to Tybalt’s challenge? Romeo tries to calm Tybalt down.