Romeo and Juliet Act 2 scene 4

What is the setting the street
what happens between Mercutio and Benvolio Mecutio and Benvolio talk about Romeo, and how he did not return last night. They also talk about how Tybalt sent a letter to the Montague house, and they think that it is a challenge for Romeo. Mercutio says that he thinks Tybalt is an incredible sword fighter. Romeo then arrives. Mercutio and Rome then make sexual jokes.
What happens between Romeo and the Nurse The Nurse encounters Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio and requests to speak alone with Romeo. Romeo apologizes to the Nurse for Mercutio’s crude comments, and assures her that he was just joking. The Nurse threatens Romeo and tells him that if what he is saying to Juliet is a joke, it will not be taken lightely. Romeo assures her that he is being serious. Romeo tells her to inform Juliet to leave her house and go to the confession at the abbey, where Friar Lawrence will marry them. He tries to give her money and she does not accept it at first but later takes it. Romeo tells the Nurse that he will send one of his men with a rope later to Juliet’s house. The Nurse says okay, and then warns Romeo that Paris, also wants to marry Juliet. The Nurse tells Romeo that she thinks Paris is much more attractive however she tells Romeo that if Juliet wants to marry him she will support it.