Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 1 Quotes

“Can i go forward when my heart is here?” Romeo is very much still infatuated with Juliet, he feels that he cannot leave the Capulet’s house without seeing or speaking with Juliet as his ‘dull earth’ (his physical body) is being held down to try and recover Juliets ‘centre’ (her heart).
“purblind som and heir, Young Abraham Cupid” Mercutio is reciting a speech in order to try and lure Romeo out after having leaving the feast; the theme of love is very strong in this scene as by Mercutio using love in his speech links to the overall feeling of love Romeo is enduring. Cupid again is mentioned multiple times, perhaps hinting how Romeo had been struck by his bow to immediately fall in love with Juliet.
“To be consorted with the humorous night” Benvolio takes a more realistic and nature-like approach to Romeo’s disappearance, although Mercutio tries to lure him out with ‘Rosalines bright eyes’, Benvolio would rather let Romeo be one with the night to reflect.