Romeo and Juliet act 2 scene 1-5

Why doesn’t Romeo leave with Mercutio and Benvolio He wants to see Juliet again.
Where are Romeo and Juliet when they meet for the second time She is at her window, and he is in the garden below.
What does Juliet say she would do if she knew Romeo loved her Give up her Capulet name
Why isn’t Romeo afraid to be discovered talking to Juliet He believes his love will protect him.
What is Juliet worried about with regard to Romeo That his love isn’t true
What is Friar Lawrence worried about when he first sees Romeo That Romeo has slept with Rosaline.
How does Friar Lawrence regard Romeo’s love for Juliet He doubts the sincerity of Romeo’s feelings.
Who challenges Romeo to a duel Tybalt
How does Mercutio describe Tybalt Skilled and vain
How will Juliet sneak away to Friar Lawrence’s cell By pretending to go to confession
Why doesn’t the Nurse tell Juliet right away what Romeo said She claims to be tired and out of breath
How does Romeo plan on entering Juliet’s room on their wedding night By climbing a ladder
Why isn’t Romeo worried about future misfortunes No misfortune can be as great as his happiness.
What advice does Friar Lawrence give Romeo before the wedding Do not love too intensely
Why does Juliet refuse to describe her love to Romeo before their wedding Her love is too great to be described.