Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Scene 1

to get away from his friends and stay where Juliet is Why does Romeo leap the wall surrounding the Capulet house?
Rosaline Mercutio and Benvolio think that Romeo left the party because he was still crying over ________ and can’t get over her.
The rising sun blocking out the moon What does Romeo compare Juliet to when she appears in the window?
the stars in the sky What does Romeo compare Juliet’s eyes to?
they are so bright they would dim any other lights What does Romeo say about Juliet’s cheeks?
Romeo is a Montague and her family hates them all According to Juliet, what was the only barrier to her love for Romeo?
what’s in a name What is the name of Juliet’s speech where she talks about how a name is just a title and doesn’t describe who you are?
he isnt sure if she loves him yet Why does Romeo hesistate to identify himself?
he thinks love will protect him and that it is worth being caught if he can love Juliet Why doesn’t Romeo fear being in the orchard?
She thinks Romeo will think she is an easy woman to get Why is Juliet embarassed about what she said?
She thinks it is too sudden and fast for them to be in love Why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to sweat that he loves her?
marry Juliet the next day What does Romeo have to do to prove he loves Juliet?
sad love In Act 1, scene 1, Romeo felt ___, but now he feels in ____.
monday 2am-5am When does Act 2 scene 2 take place?
they can hurt or help you What does Friar Laurence observe about the opposing powers of herbs?
People can hurt or help you like herbs What comparison does Friar make between herbs and humans?
he thinks Romeo lusts Juliet, not loves her What fault does Friar Laurence find with Romeo’s stated love for Juliet?
He thinks it might stop the feud between the families and that he could be seen as a hero Why does Friar Laurence agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
to slow down and do things right the first time With what caution does Friar Laurence close Act 2 scene 3?
early monday morning about 9am What day and time does act 2 scene 3 take place?
He was out moaping over Rosaline Why does Mercutio think Romeo didn’t return to his home the night before?
sends Romeo a letter asking for a duel How had Tybalt responded to the vow he made at the Capulet party?
Tybalt is a master fighter and he doesn’t think Romeo’s head will be in the present because he is still just thinking about Rosaline Why is Mercutio concerned about what Tybalt has done?
He said he had important buisness and didn’t really give a clear reason why What excuse does Romeo give Benvolio and Mercutio for eluding them the previous night?
That he fell in love with Juliet and will soon marry her What does Romeo neglect to tell his friends?
That Tybalt is looking for Romeo to fight him What do Romeo’s friends neglect to tell him?
Romeo better not be playing Juliet and better care about her What admonition does the nurse give Romeo?
to tell Juliet to tell her parents she is going to confession when she is actually going to go get married; also to get a ladder for Juliet to sneak in at midnight after they marry What orders does Romeo give the nurse?
He is nervous because he knows they are from powerful families and he is about to go against the both of them and marry their kids How does Friar seem to feel about what he is going to do for Romeo and Juliet?
Friar, Juliet, nurse, Romeo Who all knows of Romeo and Juliet’s plan (alphabetical order)
monday afternoon on what day and time does act 2 scene 6 take place