Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Reading Notes

Who is Romeo’s old desire? Rosaline
Who has replaced Romeo’s desire for Rosaline? Juliet
Rather than leave with his friends, what does Romeo do? He jumps the wall to go find Juliet.
What kinds of things does Mercutio say about Romeo? Mercutio makes fun of Romeo because he thinks Romeo is still love sick over Rosaline.
What does Benvolio say about Romeo at the end of the scene? To give up looking for him because he doesn’t want to be found.
Where is Romeo? In the garden outside of the Capulets house.
Who does Romeo see in the garden outside of the Capulets house? Juliet
What comparison does Romeo make about Juliet? Juliet and the sun
What does Romeo wish he were? The glove on Juliet’s hand so that he could touch her cheek.
What does Juliet wish Romeo would do? Give up his name, leave his family and home so that they can be together.
Does Juliet know who is listening to her thoughts? No
What does Juliet say about “a name”? She loves Romeo regardless of his name. “A rose of a different name would smell just as sweet”
Why does Romeo say “My name is hateful to myself”? His name is keeping him from being with Juliet.
Why does Juliet say “else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek”? She is blushing because she would have said that if she knew Romeo had been standing there.
What does Romeo swear by? The moon
Why doesn’t Juliet like this idea? The moon changes and has phases.
How is Juliet feeling about the situation? It’s too soon, too rushed.
What “exchange” does Romeo ask of Juliet? He wants the promise of her love.
What is Juliets reply to Romeo? She already gave him her love.
How will Juliet know if Romeo’s “love be honorable”? If Romeo sends his servant to tell her when and where the marriage will be.
Who or what is a ghostly father? A priest- Romeo is going to him to arrange the marriage.
In the first part of his soliloquy, what does Friar Laurence talk about? Plants
What does Friar Lawrence compare to herbs? People- some are good with good qualities while some are bad with bad qualities.
Who does Friar Lawrence think Romeo was with all night? Rosaline
When does Romeo want to get married? Today
What is Friar Lawrence’s first reaction to Romeo wanting to marry Juliet? Surprised and opposed
What changes Friar Lawrence’s mind? The marriage might help end the feud between the families.
Who are Benvolio and Mercutio? Benvolio and Romeo are related. Mercutio is their friend.
What has Tybalt done? Challenges Romeo
What is a “challenge”? A dual sword fight
Why does Mercutio say Romeo is already dead? He think Romeo is still lovesick over Rosaline.
How does Mercutio feel Romeo’s chances are against Tybalt’s fencing style? Why? Not good, it’s a new fencing style.
What is the mood between Romeo and Mercutio? Happy, Joking
How do Mercutio and Benvolio treat Juliet’s nurse? Very badly
What does the nurse say about the way she is being treated? She’s going to take them down.
What does Romeo tell the nurse?(What’s his plan?) Juliet will give the excuse that she wants to go to confession and marry Romeo.
What does the nurse say about Paris? Juliet would rather be with a toad than Paris.
What is Juliet’s speech called? A soliloquy.
What is Juliet’s speech about? The nurse taking too long.
What does Juliet say when the nurse is slow to give her the message? She said curse you for endangering my health from me pacing around.
What is the nurses message to Juliet? To go to Friar Lawrence’s cell to marry Romeo.
What does the nurse say she has to “fetch”? A ladder
What is the ladder going to be used for? For Romeo to climb to Juliet’s room once they’re married.
What line in Romeo’s first speech foreshadows the tragedy of this play? “Then love-devouring death do what he dare”
Where do Romeo and Juliet get married? Friar Lawrence’s.