Romeo and Juliet Act 2 quotes and figurative language

“But soft! what light through yonder window breaks? / It is the east, and juliet is the sun!” Romeo; metaphor
“Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon” Romeo; personification
“The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars” Romeo; hyperbole
“O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art” Romeo; metaphor
“Tis but thy name that is my enemy” Juliet; Personification
“With love’s light wings did I o’er perch these walls” Romeo; hyperbole; alliteration;
“I have night’s cloak to hind me from their sight” ????? Romeo; Personification
“By love,that first did prompt me to enquirer, he lent me council and I lent him eyes” Romeo; personification, hypebole
“Fain would I dwell on form,fain,fain deny” ????? Juliet; pun
“It is so rash, too unadvised, too sudden; too like the lighting which does cease to he” Juliet; Simile
“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep, the more I do thee” Juliet; Simile
“A thousand times good night” Juliet; hyperbole
“I will not fail. This twenty years from then” Juliet; alliteration; hyperbole
“And yet no further than a wanton’s bird that lets it hop a little from her hand” Juliet; conceit
“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow” Juliet; alliteration; oxymoron
The prologue is in the form of a Sonnet
“Can I go forward when my heart is here?” Metaphor; Romeo
When Romeo is talking about the light/bright he is speaking in a Soliloquy
How many days have past 2
Wherefore art thou Romeo (what does it mean) Why is he who he is (said by: Juliet)
What is conceit A figure of speech that makes an extended comparison between two dissimilar things
And yet no farther than a wanton’s bird that lets it hop a little from her hand like a poor prisoner in his twisted gives and with a silk thread plucks it back again so loving jealous of his liberty Conceit; Juliet
From forth day’s path and Titan’s fiery wheels Allusion; Friar Laurence
Wisely and slow. They stumble than run fast For shadow; Friar Laurence
Shrift When you go confess to the priest or friars
“But old folks many feign as they were dead” Juliet; Simile
“These violent delights have violent ends” Friar Laurence; foreshadowing
“Then love devourers death so what he dare” Romeo; personification, alliteration
“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet?” Juliet, if a rose was named differently it would still have a sweet smell so what is the difference with Romeo.