Romeo and Juliet Act 2 – Griggs Review Questions

Act 2 Scene 1 – How does Mercutio view love? Mercutio believes love is unrealistic and foolish.
Act 2 Scene 2 – What is a soliloquy and how is it used in Scene 2? A soliloquy means speaking ones thoughts aloud even when they are by themselves, especially in a play. Romeo and Juliet confess their poetic love for one another and describe their feelings for each other in great detail.
Act 2 Scene 2 – How does Romeo learn of Juliet’s love for him? Juliet tells him she already gave him her love, and would do so again if he asked.
Act 2 Scene 2 – What does Romeo say helped him climb over the high walls of the Cauplet orchardand find Juliet’s window? ‘love’s light wings’ and his own feelings for Juliet
Act 2 Scene 2 – What do Romeo and Juliet plan to do the next day Get married
Act 2 Scene 2 – Why does Juliet ask Romeo not to swear by the moon? The moon’s appearance changes through moon phases, but Juliet and Romeo’s love is unchanging.
Act 2 Scene 3 – Why did the Friar object to Romeo’s love for Rosaline? The Friar believes Romeo was simply infatuated with Rosaline, not actually in love with her.
Act 2 Scene 3 – Why does he object to Romeo’s love for Juliet? Romeo was just in love with Rosaline and he doesn’t think that Romeo can fall in love again so quickly.
Act 2 Scene 3 – Why, despite these misgivings, does he agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He wants to end the family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.
Act 2 Scene 4 – What is happening with Tybalt? How is he described by Mercutio? Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo’s father. Mercutio says he is a great, courageous man.
Act 2 Scene 4 – How is a new Romeo introduced to the audience in this scene? Romeo is polite, happy, and nice
Act 2 Scene 4 – What evidence is there that the Nurse is protective of Juliet? She wants to talk to Romeo to ensure that he is a good match for Juliet, and she offers to fight Mercutio and Benvolio for Juliet.
Act 2 Scene 4 – What is the rope ladder for? The rope ladder will help Romeo climb into the alley to get married.
Act 2 Scene 5 – To what does Juliet attribute her Nurse’s tardiness? She says that her nurse is lame, or hasn’t found Romeo.
Act 2 Scene 5 – What evidence is there to show that Nurse views love as only a physical thing? She describes Romeo as handsome and good-looking.
Act 2 Scene 6 – What is the Friar’s prayer at the beginning of the scene? He prays for the couple to be happy, but also loving and careful with each other.
Act 2 Scene 6 – How many people know of the marriage? Who are they? Nurse, Friar, and Romeo and Juliet themselves.
Act 2 Scene 6 – Where does the marriage take place? Friar’s church.