Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Definition

purblind blind
Venus Roman goddess of love and beauty
demesnes domain, territory
invocation the act of calling a superior for help
vestal symbolizing chastity
livery dress
enmity hatred
perjuries falsehoods
Jove chief Roman god, Jupiter
perverse stubborn, difficult
ware conscious of, aware
idolatry worship
falconer a hawk trainer
gyves chains, shackles
chequering speck long, spotting
osier tree of the willow family
shrift confession
brine tears
chid’st scolds, reprimands
cleft split
fantasticoes gallants, cavaliers, suitors
roe fish eggs
fishified changed to a fish
dowdy trollop, harlot, prostitute
hams knees
ell a measurement of forty-five inches
mar hurt
troth loyalty, devotion
bawd hore, prostitute
lenten made during Lent
vexed disturbed, troubled
shrived forgiven
convoy means of conveyance
prating babbling
lieve rather, “just as soon”
apace swiftly
lame incapacitated, physically handicapped
heralds couriers, messengers
feign pretend
fie a curse
beshrew a mild curse
hie leave
wanton lusty
flint stone for making fire
wanton giving pleasure
blazon compliment, glorify

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