Romeo and Juliet Act 2: Balcony Scene Comprehension Questions

How does Juliet speak to Romeo without saying a word? Juliet speaks to Romeo by using her body language.
Why does Romeo wish he were Juliet’s glove? He wants to touch and be with Juliet.
Why do you think Romeo chose to be a “glove” and not a “cup or glass”? A glove would be part of her clothing atire.
What is Juliet asking of Romeo to do in this Soliloquy? Juliet says to forget their fathers and their families’ feud and to fall in love with her.
What does the term Soliloquy mean? A speech given by a character alone on stage.
Why does Juliet ask herself “What is a Montague”? Juliet is trying to justify her love for her family’s enemy.
Why does Romeo apologize for his name to Juliet? He knows that Juliet has been raised to hate his family’s name and that if he could change it, he would.
Why does it sound like Juliet is lecturing Romeo? She’s admitting that her feelings for Romeo are like none ever before.
Why is Romeo not allowed to swear by the moon? The moon is ever-changing, so his promise will always change.
Why do you think Romeo wanted to swear by the moon? Romeo saw the moon as a romantic figure.

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