Romeo and Juliet Act 2 and 3

In scene 1 did Mercutio and Benvolio not know about Romeo he did not like Rosaline and he went back to the Capulet party
Scene 2: How does Romeo use light to describe Juliet beautiful and radiant like the sun
What does “O Romeo, O Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?” mean? it means her only problem with him is with his name
Why does Juliet say that he should not swear by the moon? the moon changes
Why is Juliet more practical? she thinks things through and hides him
What do they arrange to do? to meet again and get married
Scene 3: How do we know that Romeo and Friar Lawrence are close? He knows about Rosaline and Juliet and he goes to talk to him
Friar Lawrence’s reaction to Romeo’s request to marry Juliet? he was surprised and said he only loves her looks
Why does Friar Lawrence adree to marry them? He thought it would stop the fighting
Scene 4: How has Romeo “died” according to Tybalt? he is in love
How has Romeo’s mood changed? he acts happier
What does the Nurse have to tell Juliet? to tell her parents she is going to confession and then they will get married
Scene 5: How is Juliet impatent? she counts the clock and she yells at the nurse and say that she is not moving fast enough
How does the nurse tease Juliet? she messes with her and makes Juliet beg for the news
Scene 6: What does Friar Lawrence say to warn Romeo about strong emotions? he says that he should love moderately and not rush into it
Describe Juliet in the soliloquy and the imagery in the soliloquy. she is anxious and the imagery is dark
Should Juliet have dismissed Romeo so quickly for killing Tybalt? no
What reasons does Friar give to Romeo not to kill himself? He said he wasn’t killed, there is no enemy, and he would be hurting Juliet.
How did Capulet’s additude change since the begining and why? at first he wanted Paris to win Juliet over but now he is just letting him marry Juliet, because Tybalt died
How has Capulet’s additude towards Juliet? at first he was fatherly and now he says he will throw her out on the street
Who does Juliet feel is the only person who can help her? Friar Lawrence