Romeo and Juliet Act 2

soliloquy -speech in which a character is alone on stage, and expresses his/her thoughts to the audience -lengthy speech -given when no other characters are around
aside -similar to a soliloquy, a remark made to the audience unheard by the other characters on stage -brief -lets the audience know what a character is really thinking or feeling -uses these to reveal character and advance the plot
monologue similar to a soliloquy- lengthy speech, but is addressed to the other characters, not the audience ex. Prince speech in Act 1 scene 1
Do you think Friar Lawrence is right in agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet no-Romeo and Juliet are rushing and if the intentions are good, why are they keeping the marriage a secret
What doubts and fears does Juliet express even as she realizes that Romeo loves her -she was afraid that her parents would her/catch Romeo -“I was too quickly won”-she was afraid Romeo would take advantage of her because she was too quickly won over -love was too fast- compares love to lightning (might be amazing now but might burn out)
What seems to be a weakness in Romeo’s character that Friar Lawrence points out? How does Romeo defend himself? -Friar says that Romeo falls in love too quickly and only with his eyes -Romeo said that Rosaline did not love him back so it wasn’t true love but Juliet loves him back so it is true love
Juliet is 13 and Romeo is not much older. In what ways is their love typical of adolescence and in what way is it not? -they fall in love quickly and thinks it is forever -not typical because most teenagers don’t get married a day after they meet
Why do you think the love scene in Capulet’s garden is the most famous one in all of literature -danger element-physical separation and they have to express how much they love each other in words -Romeo hears that Juliet loves him without having to ask
Scene One -Romeo, Mercutio,and Benvolio outside Capulet Mansion -Romeo doesn’t want to go home because his love for Juliet is strong -Mercutio and Benvolio call out to Romeo to leave but he is hiding -Merution teases Romeo about his lust for Rosaline -Mercutiona nd Benvolio go to bed
Scene Two -Romeo sees Juliet in an upstairs window and compares her to the sun -Juliet appears at the balcony and confesses her love for Romeo not realizing he was there -Romeo reveals himself and Juliet is scared he will be caught by her parents -Juliet is afraid her love is too quick but they exchange vows of love -Juliet promises to marry Romeo the next day ad send a servant with the details, they find it hard to leave each other
Scene 3 -Friar makes a soliloquy about medicine and how it was good and evil -Friar thinks Romeo was with Rosaline all night-Romeo says he wants to be with Juliet because they fell in love -Friar reprimand Romeo thinking that he falls in love to easily -Friar agrees to marry thew two because he thinks it will bring an end to the feud
Scene 4 -Mercutio and Benvolio discuss Tybalt’s challenge and his fancy fighting style -Romeo arrives and Mercutio notices his change in attitude is happy-Nurse arrives with Peter looking for Romeo -Mercutio and Romeo stop teasing each other and teas the Nurse -Nurse speaks with Romeo about marriage and he sends the message that they will be married at Friar’s that day
Scene 5 -Juliet waits impatiently for the Nurse to return with news -Nurse arrives but is too tired to tell Juliet the news -Nurse talks in circles no telling any information, Juliet frustrated -Tells Juliet to lie and say she has confession and meet Romeo at the Friars -Juliet leaves to marry Romeo
Scene 6 -Romeo waits for Juliet at the Friars -Friar advises Romeo to no love in excess because it is unhealthy -Juliet arrives and Romeo professes his love -Juliet can not find the words to express how much she loves Romeo -Romeo and Juliet leave with the Friar to be married

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