Romeo and Juliet Act 2

prologue of act 2 is in what poetic style? sonnet Romeo’s love for Rosaline is dead. Gets what he desires in Juliet…loved in return.
setting of Act 2 scene 1 on a street near the wall that surrounds the Capulet house
Romeo hides from Mercutio and Benvolio who are not taking his sadness seriously
Mercutio teases Romeo about Rosaline and hopes he will come out of hiding
no one knows that Romeo and Juliet have met
R & J’s power is from their passion ( power refers to be together )
Benvolio and Mercutio give up efforts and leave
Setting of Act 2 Scene 2 Capulet Orchard right after the party
What is Romeo’s reaction when he sees Juliet again swept away by her beauty
Juliets thoughts on names are they are nothing….just labels and if they were not Montague and Capulet they would be together
Romeo’s reaction to Juliets thoughts he would happily drop his name if he was to be with her
What are the dangers of Romeo climbing the wall to see Juliet? If caught on Capulet side he could be killed. He is not fearfall.
How do R and J feel about their last names? They despise them because these are what keep them apart.
Why does Juliet tell Romeo to not swear by the moon? Because the moon is always changing and so Romeo’s love for her could change
What do R & J plan to do next? Romeo proposes. J wants R to think on it .
How are R&J getting information to each other? Juliet will send a messenger in the morning
What should R tell the messenger? If he still wants to marry J. If so what time and place they should meet to be married
‘Juliet is the sun’ is what figure of speech metaphor
‘Love lends counsel’ figure of speech personification
Act 2, scene 3 setting Friar Lawrence’s cell (at his church)
How does Friar connect plants and people in his speech? Humans have some positive (good) and some negative (bad) qualities.Some plants are dangerous and poisonous, some plants have medicinal purposes and can help.
good side should prevail over evil
Why is the Friar worried about Romeo? He is awake early and he sees that a sign of a troubled mind ( and thinks he was with Rosaline )
Romeo asks the friar to agree to marry he and Juliet on that day and assures him he truly loves Juliet
How does the friar react to Romeo’s request? At first unsure but then agrees to marry them in at the hope it will end the fued between the two families
‘Morning smiling, frowning night’ figure of speech? personification
Act 2 , scene 4 setting is 9 am the next morning in a street in Verona
What does Benvolio and Mercutio say has arrived at the Montague house for Romeo? Tybalt has sent a letter to Romeo challenging him to a duel
How does Benvolio feel about this? He fears because Romeo is depressed and sad he stands no chance in the duel
How does Mercutio describe Tybalt? expert swordsman, (character – a man who is aggressive and loves to fight)
Who do Benvolio and Mercutio believe Romeo is in love with Rosaline
How does Mercutio treat the nurse and how does she react? they make fun of her and she gets upset and is not happy with their behavior
What information is the nurse to carry to Juliet from Romeo? The nurse is to tell Juliet that Romeo still desires to marry her and to have Juliet leave for confession
What else is Romeo arranging to be delivered to the Capulet house after they get married? a rope, so he can climb and stay the night
Is Romeo upset Paris wants to marry Julie? He does not care, not threatened at all.
Act 2, scene 5 Capulets orchard (garden)
Why is Juliet frustrated? She sent the nurse to meet Romeo at 9am and it is now noon.
What is Juliet worried about? The nurse cannot find Romeo or she is too slow to handle the task.
How does the nurse act when she first sees Juliet? Avoids talking about Romeo and says how tired she is
What does Juliet need to ask her parents permission for? To attend confession at Friar Lawrence’s cell. ( they don’t knowshe will find Romeo there and marry him! )
Act 2, scene 6 setting Friar Lawrence’s church
What is the conversation between the friar and Romeo as they wait for Juliet? Friar is concerned this might be a bad idea, they might be rushing the decision to get married
Do Romeo and Juliet have an apprehensions about their marriage? none
How much time passes between the moment Romeo and Julie meet to the time of their marriage? Roughly 24 hours!

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