Romeo and Juliet ACT #2

explain the metaphor used in lines 1 and 2 old desire = old love; new desire = new love
what are the meanings of “fair” Rosaline; she does not compare to Juliet
what caused Romeo to fall in love with Juliet her beauty
what are the obstacles that Romeo and Juliet must face he needs to ask permission from the Capulets, but he can’t because he is a foe
why does Romeo say he cannot leave the Capulet house his heart lives in the Capulet house
paraphrase Romeo’s statement in line 1 of scene 2 mercutio jokes about love that he does not understand
what metaphor does Romeo use to describe Juliet the sun (usually bright things)
how does Romeo convey the beauty of Juliet’s eyes her eyes speak
explain Romeo’s simile about an angel Juliet is an angel because she’s in the balcony; anyone would be amazed by her beauty
what is Juliet’s opinion of a the name Montague if he had any other name, it’s be fine; his name is her enemy
what is the danger of Romeo if Juliet’s relatives find him they will kill him
how was Romeo able to get across Juliet’s walls with love’s light wings (cupid’s)
what does Romeo think is more dangerous than Juliet’s relatives Juliet’s rejection
what hyperbole does Romeo use to describe his willingness to find her love helped him; he’s not a pilot, but if she was silk, he’d travel the world to find her
why doesn’t Juliet want Romeo to swear by the moon that he loves her the moon changes
why is Juliet not completely at ease with their love too risky
explain her use of “lightning” to describe her feeling (Juliet) it comes quick like a flash and then disappears
what simile does Juliet use to describe her love for Romeo in hyperbolic terms her love is as boundless and deep as the sea
why will Juliet send a messenger to Romeo in the morning to ask where and when they will get married
why does Romeo use the image of schoolboys in relationship with love schoolboys hurry away from their books as R and J are in a hurry to fall in love; reluctant to part
define soliloquy monolougue: private, never lies
give an example of personification from Friar’s speech sun is smiling; aurora is pushing night; night tumbles from the sky
identify Titan and how he is used he is the god of the sun who carries the sun on wheels
identify an example of alliteration from Friar’s speech dank dew to dry
what types of plants is Friar preparing to collect fresh
explain Friar’s personification of care care = anxiety, stress, worry; care is an emotion for the old; wherever care is, you can’t sleep
why does Friar call youth unbruised older people have had more difficult experiences
explain Romeo’s controlling metaphor on feasting with his enemies both wounded; needs holy physic
what is Friar’s reaction to Romeo’s confessing his love to Juliet he scolds and teases him; young men fall with their eyes
according to Friar, why has Rosaline been so cold to Romeo Romeo did not love her from the heart (all the wrong reasons)
what is Friar’s response to Romeo’s wish to marry Juliet he is hopeful to turn the families’ hatred into love
what has Tybalt added danger to the feud between the Capulets and Montagues Tybalt writes a letter to kill Mercutio
what is Mercutio’s view or opinion of Tybalt’s swordsmanship just as a good singer can hit a note, Tybalt is a master at his swordsmanship (he’s dangerous)
what nickname does Mercutio use when he refers to Tybalt and why he has the same name a the prince/king of cats; just as a cat scratches, Tybalt tabs
cite alliteration from Mercutio’s speech courageous captain of compliments
what smile does Mercutio use to show his opinion of love love is an idiot/nothing
when the young men see the Nurse, what metaphor is used to describe her a sail (she’s fat – ship)
define malapropism comic device in which a character misuses a word; ignorant
give an example of the nurse using a malapropism confidence should be conference
where and when will Romeo and Juliet be married the following afternoon in the church
what is Juliet going to tell her parents in order to get their permission to leave the house she’s going to confession
how long has the nurse been away on her errand 3 hours
how has Juliet expressed her impatience with the nurse saying the nurse is lame and she wishes love can travel
how does the nurse delay telling Juliet the news her bones ache; she’s out of breath; her head and back hurts
explain the hyperbole Romeo uses to describe his marriage with Juliet he can die happy if he’s married to Juliet for a minute
what does Friar say about Romeo’s hyperbole take his love easy so his love will last; if you’re too swift, it can end in defeat

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