Romeo and Juliet act 2

what are Benvolio and mercutio doing at the beginning of scene one and why did they finally depart mercutio was making fun of Romeo for being in love with Rosaline while benvolio attempted to stand up for Romeo; they depart in the end because Romeo is nowhere to be found and they believe that he does not want to be found
unaware of Romeo’s presence what does Juliet speak of she confesses her love for Romeo
what is Juliet’s fear when she sees Romeo she fears that Romeo has heard her
what does Juliet criticize Romeo for? for being a montague
why does juliet not want Romeo to swear by the moon The moon has no significance in their relationship Romeo, if anything, should swear on his self
what does Juliet say she will do the next morning Marry romeo
what is friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of scene three foraging for medicinal plants and herbs
what does Romeo tell friar Lawrence about Juliet and what does he ask him to do he is in love with her and asks friar to marry them at once
what news is revealed to us by Benvolio and mercutio Romeo has not yet returned from the night before and tybalt wants to fight him
who does mercutio still think Romeo is lovesick for Rosaline
how does Mercutio treat the nurse and Why flirts mocks and disrespects her for fun and because she is a Capulet
what message does Romeo give the nurse for Juliet to come to friar Lawrence’ cell ASAP to be married
what is bothering Juliet at the start of scene five she is worried that the nurse has not found Romeo
what is Juliet’s plan she will tell her parents that she’s going to confession so that she can be wed
what does friar Lawrence caution Romeo about marriage is long term
what does friar Lawrence do at the end of the scene Marries the two