Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Juliet’s Balcony Place where Romeo & Juliet meet after the party
Nurse Meets Romeo to see if he is serious about Juliet
Friar Lawrence Priest–Friend of Romeo
Wants the families to stop fighting Reason Fr. Lawrence marries Romeo & Juliet
Roseline Woman everyone thinks Romeo still loves
Friar Lawrence Secretly marries Romeo and Juliet
Juliet The person who suggests they get married
Mercutio Teases the Nurse in the street-” farewell ancient lady”
Climbed the wall How Romeo got into Juliet’s yard
To find out if Romeo still wants to get married/Get time of the wedding Reason Juliet sends the nurse to talk to Romeo
Confession Where Juliet says she is going when, in fact, she gets married
Wherefore Why
Light What Romeo often compares Juliet to
Personification Literary term in which human qualities are given to an inanimate object
Star-crossed Ill-fated by the unfavorable positions of the stars
what does the chorus reveal to the reader ? Romeo is thinking about Juliet
in scene 1 What are romeo, benvolio, and mercutrio talking about ? Romeo meeting someone at the party
in scene 2 who does romeo see at the window? Juliet
in scene 2 why does romeo say his name is hateful to him ? He is hated by the capulets
in scene 2 what plan do romeo and juliet make for the following day to get married
who does romeo see at the window ? Juliet
why does romeo say his name is hateful to him? he is hated by the capulets, it is an enemy to thee
to get married what plan do romeo and juliet make for the following day ?
romeos friend who is a priest who is the friar ?
to set up the wedding when romeo leaves juliet, what reason does he give for visitig the friar?
he thinks it will end the feud what does the friar think romeo and juliets love will do for the montages and capulets
his business was great how does romeo respond when mercutio says romeo game them “the slip”the night before ? scene 4
nurse who interrupts romeo and his friends to ask about romeo ? scene 4
bring a rope ladder what does romeo ask the nurse to tell juliet ?in scene 5
their marriage in scene 6 what do romeo, juliet and the friar meet about ?
romeo and juliet meet at the masquerade party what happens 1st?
romeo and juliet declare their love in the orchard scene what happens 2nd
romeo arranges the marriage with friar lawrence what happens 3rd
romeo gives the nurse his message what happens 4th
the nurse brings the message to juliet wat happens 5th
romeo and juliet are married in friar lawrence’s cell what happens last
he is taking a risk by hoping over the wall, trespassing, getting heartbroken what risks does romeo take by seeing juliet in scene 2
when juliet says “deny thy father and refuse thy name” she is saying she wishes romeo wasn’t a montegue in scene 2, what is a line that juliet says to romeo about her love and why ?
it means it should not matter nor effect or love in scene 2 what does the section about “what’s in a name” mean ?
a line of verse with 5 metrical feet rah consist of one short syllable and one long syllable. an example is romeos soliquly in the beginning of scene 2 what is iambic pentameter? give an example from scene 2
give an example of a simile from scene 2. what does it mean ? a simile uses like or as to describe something. and an example is “her eye, too like lighting” another example is “when romeo says that lovers tongues are “like softest music to attending ears”
why does friar lawrence take risks to marry romeo and juliet ? what are the risks ? he takes a risk because he wants to end the fighting between both families. also he is risking his life and his job
how does mercutio insult the nurse and why ? “good peter to hide her face for her fans the familiar face” and because she’s a capulet
what does the letter say that arrived at romeos house and why is it an example of foreshadowing ? the letter says that tybalt wants to duel with romeo. it’s an example of foreshadowing becaus it shows they are going to fight. as said in act 1 when tybalt swears revenge
what is romeos attitude about love? what is an example he believes in love at first sight “And ill stay, to have thee still forget, forgetting another home but this”
what is blank verse ? a verse without rhyme of iambic pentameter, open verse doesn’t rhyme. most of the play is written in blank verse
what is act2 mainly about and why? Act 2 is mainly about romeo and juliet’s marriage because they both love each other
what steps do romeo and juliet take to prepare for the wedding ? They ask the friar to marry them, and tell the nurse so she could bring juliet to the friars cell so she can marry romeo
what happens in scene 1 benvolio and mercutio tease romeo about meeting someone at the party
what happens in scene 2 romeo and juliet meet at the capulet garden to discuss their love
what happens in scene 3 romeo arrives at friar lawrences cell and tells lawrence he loves juliet and ask if he could marry them
what happens in scene 4 mercutio and benvolio are wondering where romeo is because he never came home the night before. They still think he is lovesick over Rosaline.
what happens in scene 5 the nurse tells juliet she’ll meet him at the cell
what happens in scene 6 they get married
where does scene 1 take place and which characters are involved? Near the capulets Orchard and Benvolio, Mercutio,and Romeo
where does scene 2 take place and which characters are involved In the capulet orchard. Mainly Romeo and juliet but nurse calls for juliet
where does scene 3 take place and which characters are involved friar lawrences cell romeo and the friar
in scene 2 at what what o’clock tomorrow ? till the hour of nine
where does act 4/iv take place and who are the characters a street, Mercurio Benvolio, Romeo, Peter, Nurse
in scene Iv romeo still hasn’t shown up and thy think he is still lovesick over.. rosaline
romeo tells the nurse to tell juliet what in scene 4 iv meet him at the friars cell