Romeo and Juliet-Act 2 & 3

List 3 images or comparisons Romeo uses to describe Juliet’s loveliness and beauty. 1) Juliet is the sun and the moon is jealous2) Juliet is as bright as the stars that she could replace them if they ran an errand3) The birds think it is daytime because she is so bright(Says her cheeks and eyes are bright, too)
When Juliet is talking to herself about this new, impossible love, what does she say about Romeo’s name? Asks, “Why are you Romeo” (Why do YOU, my love, have to be Romeo), urges him to change his name, only a name stands between them
How does Romeo respond to Juliet’s talking about his name? Says he would change his name, and be “new baptized”
What does Juliet say about the fickleness of love and the games lovers play? What are some of Juliet’s concerns about this new love? Love is too rash, their love has happened suddenly/so soon, so “let’s meet again and see if this bud turns into a flower”
What agreement do the lovers come to before Romeo departs? Romeo will send a message to Juliet tomorrow/the next day about the “where” and “when” for their marriage
What does the Friar say about medicinal herbs, flowers, and plant’s abilities and man’s use of them? How man uses them has different effects. Using bad things in a good way can be beneficial, using too much of something good can be bad. The effect depends on whether you inhale or taste for some things
Why is the friar so surprised to see Romeo up so early? It’s dawn, so he assumes Romeo never went to bed at all, that he has something big on his mind. (People back then thought the dew on the ground to be poisonous)
Why does Romeo say that he needs a “remedy”? What is this remedy? Romeo has “wounded” Juliet, and Juliet has “wounded” him. The remedy is Friar Lawrence marrying them. Love=remedy
Why is the friar slightly irritated at Romeo’s announcement of this new-born love? What comment does he make about young men’s affections? Romeo is fickle. One girl is off his mind and another one comes. “No wonder why Rosaline didn’t trust you.” (Romeo left Rosaline so easily when he first saw Juliet.) “I can still see your tears for Rosaline on your cheeks.” The friar agrees to marry them b/c their marriage could end the feud and then he would be praised for it afterwards.
What does Mercutio say about Tybalt’s style of fighting (fencing)? What nickname does he give him? Calls him the “Prince of Cats.” Says Tybalt’s fencing style is “french,” dance-like, light, and feathery. Says he could only be the enemy of a satin button. English fighting=abrupt…THWACK.
According to Mercutio, how do all the beautiful women in history and mythology compare to Rosaline in Romeo’s eyes? List the women he mentions and what he says about them. (Look Down Cause He’s There) Laura (Petrach’s): a kitchen wenchDido: a sloppy, slovenly, woman (very beautiful)Cleopatra: a gypsyHelen of Troy: a wretch/hildingThisbe: a gray eyeAll of these women are NOTHING compared to the beautiful Rosaline
How can you compare Pyramus and Thisbe to Romeo and Juliet They are both forbidden to love, yet find a way to be together, ends in tragedy
After Romeo and Mercutio have a war of words and wits, what comment does Mercutio make about Romeo’s new modd? Isn’t it better to be happy than be all mournful and miserable?
When the Nurse delivers Juliet’s message, how does she react to the young men’s teasing? Doesn’t like Mercutio’s speech. Sometimes finds herself laughing, then recomposes herself.
What message does Romeo give the Nurse for Juliet? What additional errand does he send the Nurse on? Romeo tells the Nurse to tell Juliet to go to the Friar for “confession” (confession so she isn’t accompanied). Actually going to get married in the afternoon.
In her impatience for the nurse to return, what does Juliet say about the different between the young and old? Young: “as swift in motion as a ball”Old: might as well be dead, unwieldy, slow, heavy, pale as leadLove is supposed to be fast and swift
As Juliet tries to get information from the Nurse, what does the nurse complain about? Complains that she is out of breath, her bones ache, her back hurts, she just ran back and forth. (Talks about how Romeo isn’t PERFECT/”giving it back to Juliet” for her being so pushy/nagging her)Nurse: “I’m out of breath!”Juliet: “How can you be out of breath if you just had the breath to tell me you were out of breath?”Juliet then is more sweet to the Nurse/treats her importantly to get her to talk
What does the Friar caution Romeo about? Sometimes “violent delights have violent ends.” If you want this love to last and not burn, you have to love modestly and moderately.
Why is Benvolio anxious to get off the street when he and Mercutio are out walking? The day is hot. Hot weather=hot tempers. Heard the Capulets are out and about and if they meet, there may be a brawl. (Thinks Mercutio will probably be the one to get entangled in/start the fight)
How does Mercutio respond to Benvolio’s suggestion of getting off the street? What does he say about Benvolio’s propensity to fight? Mercutio: “You’re a fine one to talk.” Says Benvolio quarrels/gets mad about inconsequential things (someone eating a nut b/c he has hazel eyes, etc.), so “don’t lecture me about getting into fights.”
How do Mercutio and Tybalt both indicate that they are willing and ready to fight? Tybalt asks for a word with either Mercutio or Benvolio, and Mercutio responds with, “how about a word and a blow.” (blow=fight)
What does Romeo tell Tybalt by way of an excuse not to fight? How does Mercutio respond? Romeo says he loves Tybalt the way he loves his own name. (Own name is now half-Capulet b/c he’s married to Juliet.) Mercutio is like, “Well, if you are going to be so passive, then I’ll start the fight” and draws his sword.
How does Mercutio get mortally wounded? How do Romeo, Tybalt, and Mercutio respond to this fatal wound? Romeo gets in between Tybalt’s and Mercutio’s fight, knocking away Mercutio’s sword + opening up his chest. Tybalt stabs Mercutio. Mercutio continues to joke, belittles his wound. Tybalt runs aways with his group. Benvolio and Romeo are concerned, asking how bad Mercutio is hurt, but don’t know the extent b/c of Mercutio’s joking/doesn’t know he’s THAT hurt. Romeo then says he and Tybalt will fight to the death to see who will keep Mercutio company.
Describe 3 images Juliet uses to describe her impatience and longing for the arrival of Romeo and the wedding night. Says she bought the mansion of love, but can’t move in yet, bought new clothing, but can’t yet wear it, wants the night to come sooner. (Is sold, but not yet enjoyed.)
What misunderstanding occurs between the Nurse and Juliet when the Nurse returns with the news of Tybalt’s death? Nurse weeps and says, “He’s dead, he’s dead.” Juliet has been thinking about Romeo, so she thinks Romeo is dead, but the Nurse was referring to Tybalt. (Nurse then mentions Romeo’s name, but refers to him as the killer, not the killed.)
Describe the conflicting feelings that Juliet has over the news. What causes this conflict? (Talking about Romeo) “How did heaven/the gods do this to me, how can hey be so envious. How can I be so wrong that I saw something good on the outside, but not the inside. Beautiful tyrant. How could I have been deceived? How can Romeo have a beautiful cover, but bad pages/insides?”
At what point does it become clear to Juliet where her loyalties should lie? How does she defend Romeo? How does the Nurse finally comfort Juliet? Realizes she doesn’t have the whole story. Nurse begins to agree with her about how wrong she was about liking Romeo –> “No, only I can call him these names.” Realizes she is married, she is Romeo’s husband, if she won’t defend him, who will? Remembering Tybalt’s characteristics –> realizes that if Romeo didn’t kill Tybalt, Tybalt would’ve killed Romeo.
Why isn’t Romeo relieved to discover that the prince has only banished him instead of ordering his death? How does he react to the friar’s attempt to comfort him? Romeo calls it Hell, purgatory, as good as cutting his head off with a golden axe. Anything near Juliet (cat, dog, mouse, flies) can steal her away from him, except for him because he is banished. Says the Friar can’t know how he feels unless he is young and is in Romeo’s exact circumstances. Romeo is still in misery even though the Friar is trying to help.
When Romeo threatens suicide, what 2 reasons does the Friar give that he should not consider such an act? What 3 reasons does he give Romeo that he should be happy? 2 reasons: if he killed himself, he would kill Juliet too (metaphorically speaking) and it would be a sin (something about heaven, earth, and birth)3 reasons: Juliet and him are alive=happy, the law called for death, but he got banishment=happy, Tybalt would’ve killed Romeo, but he killed Tybalt first=happy
Why do you think Capulet is now willing to rush the marriage between Juliet and Paris? Why is her certain Juliet will be willing? “I am her father, I am a man, she will obey me b/c she respects me.” Wants to rush the marriage b/c he’s scared of losing Paris (such a good suitor), wants Juliet to be safe. He’ll die someday, so he wants Juliet secure before then.
Describe the “tender” argument that Romeo and Juliet have over whether or not it is dawn. Why doesn’t the lark’s voice sound sweet to Juliet any longer? Juliet says the bird chirps are from a nightingale=still night and more minutes with Romeo. Romeo says it is a lark=a morning bird, it is dawn. Romeo has to leave in the morning=sad.
What premonitions does Juliet have just as Romeo leaves? How does he reassure her? Juliet says it looks like Romeo is looking up from a grave after he climbs down from her balcony. His face is pale. Romeo says he’s pale b/c he’s sad, “Sorrow drinks your blood.”
Why is Lady Capulet a little impatient with Juliet’s grief? What is the irony behind her assumption about the cause of her grief? Why does she assume Juliet will be happy with the news she brings? Lady Capulet has a rude response: “Are you going to wash him (Tybalt) out of his grave with your tears?” Says all of Juliet’s grief means she has lost her mind, stop grieving b/c it’s been so long, so snap out of it. Lady Capulet think Juliet is weeping over Tybalt. Juliet plays dumb when Lady Capulet mentions Romeo as the killer. Thinks Juliet will be happy to move on and marry Paris.
What are the 3 times Juliet shows she is becoming a woman? 1) When she defended Romeo when the Nurse badmouthed him2) When she tells Romeo to leave that morning; thinking of others before herself3) When she becomes calm after being hysterical after being told she had to marry Paris
What arguments does Juliet use to try and convince her mother that she cannot marry Paris? Says Paris hasn’t even been around to woo here, she would rather marry Romeo, whom she “hates,” rather than Paris.
What images of the sea and a boat does Capulet use to describe Juliet’s tears and grief? Juliet is like a ship (bark) on a windy, rainy day. Tears=raindrops, wind=her sighs, sea=her eyes
What harsh words does Capulet use in response to Juliet’s announcement that she cannot marry Paris? Why is he so angry at her refusal? Says he will drag her on a hurdle thither (a frame used to carry criminals to execution), calls her a green-sickness carrion (anemic lump of flesh), a baggage, a tallow-face wretch, wants to hit her (his fingers itch). Went through the trouble of finding her a husband, and she is being ungrateful.
Interpret the reason for Capulet’s anger as stated in his speech about how ungrateful he thinks Juliet is. Fear: Juliet has always obeyed, but she is refusing, “Who is this girl, where did she come from?”Embarrassment: Now he has to tell Paris that a teenage girl runs the castleCapulet says he will disown Juliet if she doesn’t marry Paris.
What advice does the Nurse give Juliet at the end of the whole “parents get mad at Juliet for not wanting to marry Paris” scene ? How does Juliet respond? Why do you think she responds this way after her adamant refusal earlier to marry Paris? Nurse initially says Juliet has to admit she is already married to Romeo (Nurse then realizes she really isn’t needed anymore for Juliet, and doesn’t want to get “fired”–puts the blame on Juliet, not herself). After thinking about her circumstances, the Nurse says Juliet should marry Paris because Romeo is banished and as good as dead, her 2nd marriage will excel the 1st. Juliet then won’t trust or talk to the Nurse anymore, gives the Nurse a message (for her parents) that she has displeased them, so she is going to confession (wants to see the Friar b/c he is the last adult she can turn to). Juliet thinks she can’t confide in anyone anymore.

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