Romeo and Juliet Act 2

he doesn’t want them to know he is in love why does romeo hide from benvolio and mercutio
no, they still think it is rosaline who he loves do benvolio and mercutio know that romeo is now in love with juliet
mercutio is saying things that would anger romeo to lure him out. benvolio is saying don’t do that or else romeo will get really mad. benvolio says there is no point in looking for him if he doesn’t want to be found what is the difference between mercutios attitude and benvolios in act 2 scene 1
to the sun what does romeo compare juliet to in the opening lines of his first long speech
juliet says if he no longer is a montague, she will give her whole self to him what makes romeo finally decide to speak to juliet
she is angered because she doesn’t know who it is. she then doesn’t understand how romeo got there. shes says he will be killed if caught what are juliets reactions upon realizing that romeo is there in the orchard
she says if he really wants to marry her, he shall send her word tomorrow what request does juliet make of romeo
to his friar for help on his marriage where is romeo going at the end of act 2 scene 2
picking flowers what is the friar doing as act 2 scene 3 opens
there is good and evil in people according to the friar, how are people like certain plants
with rosaline where does friar laurence assume romeo has been
to marry him and juliet what does romeo ask of the friar
he is confused on how he went to someone else so quickly what is the friars reaction to romeos request
the marriage may turn the feud between the families into love why does the friar finally agree to go along with romeos request
tybalt wants to challenge romeo. this was foreshadowed by seeing how mad tybalt was at the party what is the threat that tybalt sends and how was it foreshadowed
all rude how do romeo and his friends, mercutio especially, treat the nurse
old rabbit meat and a sail, call her ugly what does mercutio call the nurse
she will go see friar L, will say she is going to confessionR will use the rope to see Juliet later what are the instructions romeo gives the nurse? how is juliet supposed to get out of the house?
nurse says paris wants to marry juliet why does the nurse mention paris to romeo
the nurse isnt back yet and its been 3 hours. she said it would only take 1 why is juliet upset at scene 5 in her opening speech
still talkative, caring for juliet, sense of humor how is the nurses behavior at scene 5 consistent with what we’ve observed before
happy but concerned what is the attitude of friar laurence toward the lovers’ insistence on marrying them immediately
[aside] a characters remark, either to the audience or to another character that others on stage are not supposed to hear. its purpose is to reveal the characters private thoughts
solioquy a long speech that a character gives when he or she is alone on stage. its purpose is to let the audience know what the character is thinking. this is a type of monologue
monologue a long speech given, single person speaking alone- with or without an audience
dark/ light motif she is the sunshe makes birds think its dayfair sun/ envious mooneyes like starscheeks brighter than stars
why is he an enemys son what does juliet mean by “romeo, why are you romeo”
soliloquy what is friar laurences speech called in scene 3
personification a grey- eyed morn smiles on the frowning night
personification so smile the heavenslove- devouring death do what he dare
the relationship might not end well or might end quickly what warning does the friar give to romeo
simile, friar laurence like fire and powder, which as they kiss consume