Romeo and Juliet – Act 2

The chorus in Act 2 declares “Romeo is beloved and loves again.” What does this mean? Juliet loves Romeo and he loves her
Does Romeo answer Benvolio and Mercutio’s calls in the orchard? Mercutio talks about who rudely to conjure up a response? No, he wants to be left alone; Rosaline, but he still didn’t answer
Why Rome sees Juliet on the balcony, he compares her to what? The sun
Juliet starts to speak about Romeo. What’s her wish? She wishes he wasn’t a Montague
Juliet doesn’t want Romeo to swear his love by the moon to her. Why? The moon isn’t constant, and she wants his love to be constant
Who is Juliet going to send to Romeo the next morning? A servant to ask if he wants to marry her and when/where
What is Friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of scene 3? Picking flowers and weeds and saying they have good and evil in them
Friar Lawrence remarks that Romeo looks like he hasn’t slept. What does he accuse Romeo of? Sleeping with Rosaline
What does Romeo mean when he says “I’ve been feasting with my enemy, where on a sudden one hath wounded me that’s by me wounded.” He has been with Juliet; Juliet is in love with him, and he’s in love with her
Friar Lawrence proceeds to scold Romeo about what? Being deeply in love with Rosaline and forgetting about her at the sight of Juliet
Romeo replies “Chide me not.” What does it mean? Don’t scold me
Juliet does what that Rosaline does not? Loves Romeo
Friar Lawrence agrees to do what? Why? Marry Romeo and Juliet to end the feud between their families
What has Tybalt sent to Romeo’s house? Why? A letter challenging him to a duel because he showed up at the Capulet party.
What joke does Mercutio make about the nurse and fan? She needs the fan to hide her face
What did the nurse say she’d do if Mercutio insulted her again? Take him down
What warning does the nurse give Romeo about Juliet? Not to fake his love for her
Romeo tells the nurse to tell Juliet what? To come up with a plan to leave for confession and go marry him
What is Romeo’s man to give to the nurse? Why? A ladder rope for Juliet, so he can climb in the room and have sex
How long has the nurse been away? 3 hours
Why won’t the nurse answer Juliet’s question? Her bones, head, and back ache
What news does the nurse finally give Juliet? Romeo is waiting in Friar Lawrence’s cell to marry her
What does Friar Lawrence tell Romeo about loving Juliet? Love moderately and the love will last. Not too slow, and not too fast
How does scene 6 end? They get married