romeo and juliet act 2

quote and restate romeo’s metaphor involving juliet. he’s saying she’s bright and beautiful and essential to life. center of the universe
in scene 2, the play begins to explore the meaning of identity. your name doesn’t define who you are. personality and physically.
when juliet speaks of “light love” or her “light” behavior, what does she mean by the word light? she’s not serious (innocence). she’s concerned about:-intentions-too easy-too fast
what “stony” limits, besides the orchard wall, separate the young lovers? how do they dismiss these obstacles? -feud-secret-“love”their love, commitment & marriage will get them through these obstacles.
what troubles juliet about the arrangement she makes with romeo? -not thought out/spontaneous-too fast-just met-family finding out
in addition to describing the qualities and dangers of herbs. friar laurence also compares these qualities to those in humans. what is the main idea of this soliloquy? he’s saying some people can harm you (herbs that can kill you, make you blind, etc) and people that can help you (herbs that help cramps, headaches, etc.)
why does friar laurence claim romeo is fickle? he was in love with rosaline yesterday, and now he’s in love with juliet and wants to marry her.
why in the view of his opinion regarding romeo’s feelings, does the friar agree to marry romeo and juliet? he thinks it will end the feud between the capulets and montagues.
mercutio calls tybalt “more than Prince of Cats,” a reference to a character in an animal story. in what ways is tybalt more dangerous than the fictional “Prince of Cats”? what might this image foreshadow? cats aligned with the devil. mercutio is calling tybalt sneaky. he will kill someone.
what is the setting of scene 5? what effect does the juxtaposing (2 situations side by side like an oxymoron) these short, varied scenes have on the drama? capulets mansion (juliets floor). so readers don’t get bored and have time to process.
what is shakespeare’s purpose in the delaying tactics of the nurse? -nurse does not approve-different generations-they want to do it quickly
how do romeo and the friars viewpoints on love differ? friar: naturally, in time, be patientromeo: love at first sight
what does the friars warning against the intensity of their feelings foreshadow? if you go too fast, you’ll fall. they’ll die.
imagery of moon always changes