Romeo and Juliet Act 2

Where does Act 2, Scene 1 start? It starts in the Capulet orchard.
Are Mercutio and Benvolio drunk in Act 2? Yes, they are in a drunken state.
When Romeo says, “He jests at scars that never felt a wound,” what does he mean? He means that Mercutio jokes about Romeo feeling love for Rosaline when Mercutio himself has never felt before.
What does Romeo compare Juliet to in his first speech in Sc. 2, lines 2-3? He compares Juliet to the rising sun.
In your own words, rewrite Juliet’s speech in Scene 2, lines 33-36. Go line-by-line as you restate her meaning. Oh, Romeo, Romeowhy are you RomeoDeny your father and refuse to be a MontagueOr if you won’t, but swear to be my loveThen I will no longer be a Capulet.
When Juliet says, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet,” what does she mean? She means that if you call a rose by any other name, it would still smell the same, so even if Romeo chose to change his last name, he would still be the person he is, because names don’t matter in her book.
Why does Juliet ask Romeo not to swear his love’s allegiance by the moon? The moon’s always changing, and she doesn’t want him to become inconsistent.
Which one is the first to mention marriage? Juliet mentions marriage first.
What does this show about Juliet when she mentions marriage first? It shows that she won’t play around with him until they officially tie the knot.
What does Juliet instruct Romeo to send her the next day? She wants him to send her a message when and where for them to be married.
What does “and yet no farther than a wanton bird mean”? Juliet is referring to a bird with a string around its leg, and she’s saying that she would not let him leave far until she pulled him back and crushed him (she’s saying that she is protective of him and would not let him leave).
At the beginning of Scene 3, what is Friar Lawrence doing? He is gathering herbs and flowers to put in his basket because he is practicing herbology.
According to the Friar, how are humans like plants? Inside both plants and humans is both goodness and darkness (plants: medicinal and poison).
With whom does Friar Laurence assume Romeo has spent the night? He believes that Romeo has been with Rosaline, Romeo’s former crush.
In lines 87-88, the Friar says, “O, she knew well / Thy love did read by rote and could not spell.” Explain what he means here. Rosaline knew that his love was recited from memory and not really understood or felt.
Why does the Friar begrudgingly agree to marry Romeo and Juliet? He knows that this marriage will turn their family feud into friendship.
Who are Laura, Dido, Cleopatra, Helen, and Hero? They were all famous women in love stories (famous for being beautiful).
Write down three subjects Mercutio and Romeo make puns about in Scene 4, lines 44-70. They make puns about curtsy-when someone likes you, and curtsy-formal greeting; goose to eat and pinching the butt goose; and slip- pass, and counterfeit money-slip.
How does Mercutio treat the Nurse? He makes rude jokes about her.
What instructions does Romeo tell the Nurse to pass on to Juliet? He tells her to tell Juliet to find a way to get out of her house so that she can make a confession with Friar Lawrence at church and get married.
Who does the Nurse say also wants to marry Juliet? The nurse says that Juliet is to marry Paris.
What does the Nurse say Juliet’s feelings are for Paris? Juliet doesn’t feel like she wants to marry him- she would rather look at a toad than him, and she also feels sick and pale when she looks at him.
What time of day is it in Scene 2.5? It is noon.
How long has the Nurse been gone on her errand to find Romeo? She has been gone 3 hours.
What happens at the very end of Scene 2.6? Juliet arrives to be wed with Romeo.