Romeo and Juliet Act 1 vocabulary

dignity same social class
grudge hatred
munity the process of rebellion
toil hard work, exaggerated acting
star-crossed not meant to be
quench to satisfy
pernicious deadly
forfeit to give up
adversary enemy, opponent
augmenting make larger
tyrannous crew, mean
oppression harsh rule, Hunan rights are denighed
transgression beyond moral
purged get rid of
assailing attacking
anguish to worry
heretics who defies the laws and traditions
lammastride holiday of the harvest
fortnight two weeks
idle inactive
untimely too early
knaves male severs
forswear to deny under oath
scorn to look down on
solemnity formal festival
disparagement embarrasment
endure to put with
patience perforce enforced calmness
willful chloer
profane using a word language in unrespectful way
shrine very important, religious place
pilgrims people who travel for religious reason
palmer’s people who returning from the holly land
prodigious great, special, magnicified
loathed hated

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