Romeo and Juliet Act 1 test study guide

author of a play playwright
main characters in tragedies tragic heros
a mistake or character defect tragic flaw
allows viewers to believe in the events of the story, even though we know they aren’t real dramatic effect
What makes drama different from all other genres? Drama has characters that drive the plot and has a structure
problem that propels the story conflict
the greatest tension between characters take place climax
conflict unwinds resolution
the basic organization in a drama act
the units within an act scene
the text of drama script
the majority of a drama’s script where charactersspeak dialogue
instructions on how the play should beperformed stage direction
constructions that defines the setting sets
movable objects (swords, pens, books, etc) props
deeper meaning of life insight viewers can feel theme
the nurse capulet
tybalt capulet
paris capulet
the prince nuetral
benvolio montague
mercutio montague
romeo montague
Juliet Capulet
a stage direction that tells the actors to stand next to someonesig: helps the audience understand who they are talking to stage direction “aside to”
when a person loves another person but that person doesn’t love them backsig: Romeo loves Rosaline, but Roseline doesn’r love him back unrequited love
two words that contradict each othersig: Romeo uses ___________ it to express how conflicted he feels. oxymoron
a person who is in love with love sig: Romeo is one petrarchan lover
a comparsion of 2 unlike things.sig: 1. Benvolio tells Romeo that Rosaline will no longer look like a swan, she will look like a crow compared to other girls he will see 2. Romeo compares Juliet to earrings and alien metaphor
an extended metaphorsig: Juliet’s mother tells Juliet that Paris is an unbound book and she is the cover conceit
an extreme exaggeration sig: Romeo says he is so depressed he can’t move hyperbole
a play on wordssig: Romeo uses the “soles” of his shoes and his “soul” to represent how depressed he is pun
when 1 person speaks for a long period of time; multiple people on the stagesig: Reveals a lot about Mercutio; teasing Romeo monolouge
a hint of what is to comesig: throughout the play Shakespeare is talking to the audience Foreshadowing
1 person talking for a while, but character is alone sig: we won’t know that the character was thinking without it soliloquy
someone is calling off the stagesig: Someone is calling for Juliet’s attention stage direction “one calls within”

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