Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Test 2/9/17

in which ton is this play set? in what country do you suppose this town exists? Verona, Italy
what is a prologue? what is the poetic form of the prologue? a scene before the play starts giving background info, sonnet form
what are the two households mentioned in the prologue? Montague and Capulet
when sampson says he will not “carry coals”, what does he mean? to endure insults
in shakespearean times, biting your thumb was a(n)… insult
who is benvolio romeo’s cousin
how many times have the capulets and montagues had street fights recently? 3 times
who stops the brawl between the two families? the prince
how has romeo ben spending his days recently? locked in his room
three oxymorons romeo uses to describe the conflict btwen his family and the capulets cold fire, sick health, feather of lead
romeo is heartsick over a girl (it is not juliet) who is not at all interested in romeo. why doesnt this girl like romeo she has sworn to chastity
what advice does benvolio give to romeo about the woman he loves forget her. there are other women out there
what “suit” does paris bring to capulet marriage
how old is juliet? what are her father’s thoughts about allowing her to marry 13, he wants her to wait two summers
what does capulet suggest to paris wait 2 summers, paris should try to impress juliet
lord capulet’s willingness to allow juliet to have a say in whom she marries is progressive, since most marriages for this time would have been arranged by the parents. why do you suppose, capulet is willing to take juliets feelings into consideration he wants juliet to be happy, plus she is his only child
why is the capulet servant upset about having being given a list of party guests to find he cant read
what does benvolio suggest he and romeo do go to the party to distract romeo
under what condition does romeo go to the party to prove that no girl is prettier than Rosaline
explain the nurses stories about juliet as a child she would eat a lot, and hit her head
does lady capulet want juliet to love paris yes
what literary device does shakespeare use in the following line? “this precious book of love, this unbound lover, to beautify him only lacks a cover.” metaphor
how do lady capulet’s views on paris and juliet’s marriage compare to lord capulet’s views she wants her to marry now, he wants her to wait
what is juliet’s reaction to her mother’s request? what does this show about juliet shes uninterested
according to mercutio, who is queen mab, and what does she do queen of dreams and of the fairy land. she is a midwife and gives people dreams
what does romeo say about the value of dreams they’re very important and meaningful
what does mercutio say about the value of dreams thinks theyre stupid and silly
at the end of scene 4, romeo mentions the subject of his latest dream. what did he dream? why isnt he changing his course of action? that he would die young, because he believes in fate, so he goes to the party anyway
when romeo first sees juliet, what terms does he use to describe her glowy jewel, snowy dove
how does tybalt recognize romeo his voice
when tybalt is ready to seize romeo and throw him out of the party, what does capulet say to tybalt? why? not to throw them out, he doesnt want to cause a scene
how does romeo find out juliet’s last name? how does juliet find out romeo’s last name the nurse tells them
in the 1996 film version, the capulet ball is a costume party, where juliet is dressed as an angel and romeo as a knight in shining armor, and paris is an astronaut. explain how these costumes are appropriate for each character romeo sees juliet as an angel. juliet sees romeo as her knight in shining armor. paris is this perfect specimen of a man
pernicious causing great injury or pain
augmenting increasing; enlarging
grievance injustice; complaint
transgression wrongdoing; sin