Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Study Guide

What does the prologue say ends the rage between two families of Verona? The death of 2 star crossed lovers
Who is Tybalt? What does he do that is dangerous? He is the nephew of Lady Capulet. He begins to fight with Benvolio.
What warning does Prince Escalus give the street brawlers in Scene 1? If the Montagues and the Capulets disturb the peace again they would be executed.
What explanation does Romeo give for being sad in Scene 1? His one true love has broken his heart.
What is Lord Capulet’s plan for Paris? Paris is to marry Capulet’s daughter Juliet.
Romeo finds out what about the Capulet celebrations? That Rosaline (his one true love) will be there.
How is Benvolio trying to change Romeo’s mood? He is talking about how Romeo will meet other beautiful women.
What has Juliet decided at the end of act 3? How does this add to the rising action? She has agreed to meet Paris at the celebration. It adds to the rising action because she also meets Romeo there and falls in love with him instead of Paris.
In Scene 4, how does Mercutio try to snap Romeo out of his depression? Mercutio tries to convince him to dance with a beautiful woman at Capulet’s party.
How does Mercutio act as Romeo’s opposite? Mercutio is wild and crazy. Romeo is a lovey doves type of person.
Where do Romeo and Juliet first meet? At Capulet’s party
How do Romeo’s and Juliet’s reaction in Scene 5, when they learn about each other’s identity, foreshadow their tragic end? They both say they love their enemy even though it might bring them death.