Romeo and Juliet act 1 scnes 1-3 15 definition flashcards

pg.5/Colliers- Ships carrying a lot of coal.
pg.6/Quarrel- Having an argument with a person.
pg.7/Envious- Showing some kind of emotion.
pg.8/Hath- A present person.
pg.8/Farewell- Expressing good luck.
pg.9/Reckoning- Someones opinion.
pg.9/Tut- Stupid or irrelevant.
pg.9/Anguish- Suffering.
pg.10/heretics- A persons beliefs.
pg.10/Scant- Small amount.
pg.10/Trudge- A hard walk.
pg.10/Wretch- Bad or unfortunate.
pg.11/Lineament- Unique face features.
pg.11/Endart- Participate or volunteer.
pg.11/Beseech- Urgency