Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 5

Romeo’s soliloquy reveals that he is immediately love struck by Juliet; paraphrase his speech (lines 42-51). To what does he compare her? romeo compares juliet 2 a bright light. when the song is over, he will touch her hand. he says that he has never seen anyone as beautiful as juliet
How is this speech different than his former speech on his love for Rosaline? What does this reveal about Romeo’s maturity concerning love? he doesn’t spend much time talking about rosaline’s beauty. he doesn’t compare her 2 anything but discusses the fact that she doesn’t want 2 get married. once again, he is basing love on looks. he still has a long way 2 go w/ maturity.
Tybalt (Juliet’s hot-headed cousin) recognizes Romeo’s voice and wants to fight; what two reasons does Capulet give to stop him (63-72)? romeo is well behaved and a gentlemen. he is also thought highly of in verona.
In lines 87-90, what is Tybalt’s threat (this will be important later)? tybalt vows 2 get revenge on romeo later 4 crashing the party.
Lines 91-105 form a sonnet, a 14 line poem similar to the prologue; paraphrase the speech. romeo tells juliet that they should use lips like the hangs of pilgrims who pray. when they kiss, he says that juliet has taken his sin w/ the kiss. he then asks 2 take the sin back and they kiss again.
Dramatic irony (when the audience knows something the characters do not) appears in line 133; what is ironic about Juliet’s line? the marriage of romeo and juliet results in the death of both of them.