Romeo and Juliet (Act 1, scene 5)

What is the main event in Act 1, scene 5? The Capulet’s feast; everyone is wearing a mask.
Who replaces Rosalind in Romeo’s mind? Juliet.
Who recognizes Romeo’s voice in the crowd and sees who he is (a Montegue)? Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin (a Capulet).
What does Tybalt ask a servant to bring him when he sees a Montague at the Capulet feast? A rapier (a thin sword), he was ready to fight Romeo.
How did Capulet respond to Tybalt? He reprimands Tybalt and says, Romeo is highly regarded and he will not let him be harmed at the feast.
When Romeo approaches Juliet and touches her hand. What does he convince Juliet to do? kiss him.
How does Romeo convince Juliet to kiss him? He talks to her in religious metaphors, describes her as a saint and he a pilgrim who needs his sin erased only she can do this.
How does Romeo find out who Juliet is? After their second kiss, Juliet is called by her nurse to go to her mother. Romeo asks who the mother is and the nurse responds Lady Capulet. Romeo is devastated.
How does Juliet feel when the Nurse tells her that the boy is Romeo (a Montague)? She is devastated.