Romeo and Juliet: act 1, scene 4 quiz

Romeo’s friend who loves to Prattle, lively, likes to hear himself speak, upbeat, good mood, happy Who is Mercutio? What is he like?
Romeo is still sad and upset about rosaline What is Romeo’s mood before the party?
He says to dance in get over it What advice does Mercutio give to Romeo?
A dream What does Romeo tell Mercutio he had?
Dreamers lie What does Mercutio say about dreamers?
Romeo says that they dream things true What does Romeo say about dreamers?
Queen Mab establishes Mercutio’s character Who establishes Mercutio’s character?
A fairy who sends people dreams Who is queen Mab?
Romeo says he’s talking of nothing What does Romeo say when Mercutio tells him about queen Mab?
Mercutio is trying to say dreams are nothing What point is Mercutio trying to get across to Romeo?
Juliet Who will Romeo see at the party?
Romeo is foreshadowing his death What happens at the end of scene four?