Romeo and Juliet act 1 scene 3- scene 5

what new characters appear in scene 3 Nurse, Lady Capulet, Juliet
what does juliet’s daughter want to speak with her about at the beginning of scene 3 possobilities of marriage
who is susan nurse’s dead daughter ( died as an infant)
chief characteristics of the nurse loud, babbles, uneducated, funny, nasty, crude
What does Lady Capulet inform juliet of Paris want to marry her and she should look him over
wat does juliet think about marriage never thinks about it
how does the nurse describe Paris “man of wax” … perfect
what extended metaphor does Lady Capulet use to describe Paris? she compares him to a book that Juliet should read
What is Lady Capulet’s characteristics? serious, refined, stern, and uncomfortable around her daughter
what message does the servant bring guests are arriving and supper is ready
What does “ill look to like, if looking liking move; but no more deep will i endart mine eye” mean she will look at him and try to like him but will not fall for him more than her parents permission
who is the county Paris
What conflict do we indirectly learn about in this sccene Juliet’s parents are going to expect her to marrry someone who is not her choice. We already know from the prologue that she will fall for Romeo and their love will not be accepted
Scene 4…. who is introduced in this scene Mercutio
What are some of mercutio’s characteristics funny, loud, dramatic, educated, jokes all the time
What is romeo’s mood at the beginning of scene 4 still depressed but also apprehensive about going to the party
what is mercutio trying to accomplish with his speech saying dreams don’t always mean something
Queen Mab makes lawyers dream of _______ money
Queen Mab make ladies dream of ______ kisses
what advice is mercutio trying to give to Romeo by telling him his dream shouldn’t take dreams seriously
What does romeo fear some terrrible event caused by the stars position willl begin at the party and ultimately lead to his death
jokes that come after a serious moment is a literary tool called comic relief
when they make jokes and call eachother names after romeo’s serious speech this is called comic relief
what does Lord Capulet mean when he speaks of ladies having corns on their toes any woman to shy to dance must have ugly growths or corns ont their feet
what does romeo ask a servant man who is the girl on the arm of that luck knight over there
what seems to be romeos standard for falling in love outward physical appearance
what does tybalt want to do to Romeo challenge him to a duel b/c he feels romeo showed up out of spite
how does Lord Capulet feel about Romeo being at the party he wants no trouble/ romeo has a good reputation
how does Tybalt feel about Lord capulets decision to let Romeo stay at the party outraged!!! he says he won’t endure it
how does Lord Capulet respond when tybalt says he won’t endure Romeo being at the party he’s the boss of the house and tybalt needs to keep his mouth shut or leave
why does tybalt finally agree to restrain himself from challenging Romeo at the party Capulet kicks him out and calls him a “princox” (punk)
what does Romeo compare his lips to 2 blushing pilgrims ready to make things better with a kiss
How does juliet feela about romeo’s obvious infatuation she is infatuated with him as well
what does juliet mean when she tells Romeo he kisses by the book that he kisses as if he’s studied how
how does Romeo find out that Juliet is a Capulet he asks the nurse who she is
How does Romeo react when he learns that Juliet is Capulet’s daughter He is upset, but he says he is willing to risk his life to love an enemy “My love is my foes debt”